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Ministry – From Beer to Eternity (2013)



Relapse, you bet they did! Or, you can look at it as more of an encore. Something kept tugging at Al Jourgensen‘s Ministry heart-strings after declaring Relapse to be the final album for Ministry. So,in December of 2012 Jourgensen got the gang back together. In 19 days they had riffed out 18 songs. “This was one of the most creative Ministry tracking sessions ever. The band was on fire!Jourgensen says.

Due to the upcoming holiday the guys took a break from writing.  “We were having fun, we were coming up with great ideas and experimenting with everything we’ve ever wanted to do, from Stones-y blues to dub and, of course, heavy guitar-based rock. It was too easy. No fighting, no problems. Nothing goes that well without the floor eventually falling out,” Jourgensen said.

During this break guitarist Mike Scaccia with his other band, Rigor Mortis performed in Fort Worth, Texas on December 22nd, 2012. Musicians know tragedy all to well, and this performance was Scaccia‘s last. After collapsing on stage, he was rushed to the hospital. He was pronounced  dead upon arrival due to a heart attack.

Jourgensen decided to finish what they had started, and make From Beer to Eternity Ministry‘s final album.

“‘It was the most emotionally difficult project I’ve ever done, but it was the most rewarding.Jourgensen continues, “Mikey was amazed with the songs when he was working on them, and I know he’s looking down at us now and he’s totally stoked with what we came up with.”

Released September 2013, From Beer to Eternity, pays tribute to Scaccia and is the final chapter for Ministry. It is a bitter-sweet collection of songs  that will stay in the hearts of all Ministry fans. The opening track, Hail to His Majesty, just bleeds industrial. The lyrics are not something I would pay too much attention to, unless you are into political opinion based lyrics. Instead, enjoy the multiple layers sheathed in mixed textures each song creates.

From Beer to Eternity sounds like Ministry, which is a good thing, right? Tracks like Punch In The Face and Faily Unbalanced bring everything Ministry and the guitar works of Scaccia together. While Side FX Include Mickeys Middle Finger is at maximal power with static, noise, wicked guitar solos, all thrown together.

From Beer To Eternity is the made to order album to compliment your social activities, whatever those may be. It is also a great reminder at how life can be taken away in the blink of an eye. From Beer To Eternity should be listened to while sharing moments with friends and family.



1. Hail to his Majesty
2. Punch In The Face
3. PermaWar
4. Perfect Storm
5. Fairly Unbalanced
6. The Horror
7. Side FX include Mikey’s Middle Finger (T.V.4)
8. Lesson Unlearned
9. Thanx But No Thanx
10. Change of Luck
11. Enjoy The Silence

Genre: Industrial Metal

Record Label: AFM Records

Playing Time: 54 minuets


Al Jourgensen – Vocals, Synth                                                                    Sin Quirin – Guitar/Bass                                                                           Aaron Rossi – Drums
Casey Orr – Bass
John Bechdel – Keys
(R.I.P. Mike Scaccia)

Links:                                                                                         www.facebook.com/Ministry                                               www.thirteenthplanet.com                        www.youtube.com/user/MINISTRYMUSIC

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