Nov 25

Mille Petrozza of Kreator talked to us about touring North & South America on a single year, and what is next for 2015.



Kreator‘s live performances are quite amazing, not only they deliver a hell of a show, but the charisma of Mille Petrozza on stage is impressive. While you see a frontman greeting the crowd, and telling tour stories, or telling jokes while on stage, Mille‘s style is quite different, he incite, provoke and dare the crowd to see what are they coming to see. 

While Kreator‘s show is heavy, raw, and way more direct than any other thrash metal out there (maybe, Destruction can clash head to head with them on how they approach a live show), the point here is how Mille can get the crowd into that mood, without using an introduction, or the help of a story to tell. He, just gets up there and demands movement, incite the crowd to feel the music, to mosh, to let the thrash metal spirit out. I have seen Kreator several times, but it was until the other night here in Tempe, AZ, that I decided to see how they get the mood of the crowd going, as they never used these techniques I mentioned before (or at least I haven’t seen them). I found quite simple how Kreator gets a warm response from their first riff all the way to their last.

Mille Petrozza has this charisma on stage that instigates the crowd, and made them protagonists of the show, from graving their attention, to remind them what are they doing at the venue, and what they come to see.  All this is an experience on itself, Kreator is not a simple metal live band, they’ll make you come forward to the front, and party, get in the mood and open the pit up. That is the experience of a Kreator show. Even if they had to cut their set short because of a technical malfunction. you will ended up cover in sweat, and if you go down to the pit even cover in blood if you aren’t careful (not, that Kreator is encourage you to get down and dirty, but it’s a thrash metal band, so that is always expected.)

During their stop here in Tempe, AZ, we had the pleasure to speak once again with Mille Petrozza of Kreator. This time around we talked about the band’s tour with Arch Enemy, their experience in South America, Mille‘s thoughts on the new metal phenomenon known as, BabyMetal, and what we can expect from Kreator in the near future.


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