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Mike LePond talked to The Age Of Metal about his new solo project Silent Assassins



When I got across with Mike LePond's post on Facebook about his solo album, I got quite excited about it, he is not only a great musician but also one of the most nicest and approachable artist out there, you can always see him at Symphony X talking to fans around the venue, and posing for pictures. So I waste no time on contact him to set up an interview about this new solo album.

Silent Assassins is a project on which Mike LePond has been working since two years ago. On this project he got Metal Mike (Halford, Testament) on lead guitar and Alan Tecchio (Autumn Hour, Watchtower) on vocals. The music style is defined as heavy metal/power metal on the vein of bands like Judas Priest, Manowar, and Blind Guardian, with a lyrical content based on literature, history and mythology. That right there just sounds kickass.

For this album Mike LePond had set up a Kickstart campaign which goal is cover the costs of recording and marketing of Silent Assassins. Now some of the perks for those who collaborate on Mike's kickstart campaing are very sweet. If you pledge you will get stuff like: Skype bass lessons or a chat with the man himself, you could visit him and hang out with him at his home state in New Jersey, or he can visit you and hang out with you in your state (USA only), to he playing bass guitar on your band's record. Which in my humble opinion is the best perk, because not everyday you will have the chance to have a well known and skilled bass player laying tracks on your band's record right?

Just check out the campaing, and if you can, pledge from one dollar to wherever you can, or spread the word about it. As his project sounds quite amazing, and if you are a fan of Symphony X you know musicianship of the highest quality will be deliver on this album.

We had the pleasure to speak with Mike LePond about Silent Assasins, the Kickstart campaing, when the album will came out, and of course what is going on the Symphony X camp.


Interview with Mike LePond about his solo album Silent Assassins by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud


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