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Michael Wilton of Queensrÿche discussed Condition Human



With over 30 years of experience in the music industry, a catalogue of 15 studio albums, and several world tours under their belt. Queensrÿche is a living touring institution in the metal scene, that keeps their sound current while pleasing their most devoted fan-base. 

Last year Queensrÿche released their 15th studio album, Condition Human and the second one with new vocalist Todd La Torre who joined the band in 2012 replacing longtime vocalist Geoff Tate. This new chapter on the music career of Queensrÿche is a breath of fresh air for a genre that struggles to stay current in today’s huge metal scene.

Queensrÿche played an iconic show last Tuesday night at Marquee Theater with support acts Meytal & Halcyon Way. Their show was led by two huge screens at each side of the stage that complemented quite well every step of their show and delivered a complementary feeling of a big arena show. In terms of the music itself, the setlist for the night was a mix of their different eras, from Operation Mindcrime to Empire, and from Rage To Order to Promised Land.

The nostalgia was all over the place, from songs like Damaged, Screaming In Digital or Jet City Woman, Operation Mindcrime to Anybody Listening?. The crowd was swift away by the powerful and emotional vocals of Todd La Torre, which delivers a fresh approach to all this legendary songs. The only song from their new album that I got to recognize was Guardian, I can’t recall others been played that night. Now, this is personally my first time seeing Queensrÿche on this new incarnation, and certainly it puts all the speculation about the future of the band to rest. This is an improved contemporary version of the band that delivers a powerful show by each one of their members.

Before the show, The Age Of Metal spoke with Michael Wilton guitar player of Queensrÿche. We talked about the tour, the creation process behind Condition Human, the fan response, and what is next for Queensrÿche in 2016.

Pictures: Queensrÿche at Marquee Theater (Tempe, AZ 01/12/16)



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