Jun 24

Michael Romeo of Symphony X discussed the ideas behind Underworld



New Jersey natives, Symphony X is coming back with a solid new record titled, Underworld. The album comes 4 years after their last discographic piece, Iconoclast (2011). Both of this records are similar on the way both of them push the musical style of the band forward, but they are different on ideals, sound, and pretty much everything else. Underworld, could potentially come across as more technical and at the same time melodic that evokes the band’s third album The Divine Wings Of Tragedy (1997).

Underword, is not a concept album on its entirely as internally it deals with subjects & characters from Dante’s The Divine Comedy, especially focusing on the Inferno part of this literary classic. Musically speaking the album shines from beginning to end with intense moments like the songs; Kiss Of Fire, Charon, and In My Darkest Hour to name a few. Symphony X, is not a band that want to reinvent the wheel, they are good at create ramifications of their music style that are fresh, are heavy, and intensely complicated.

Underworld, is a fresh progressive album that have the above mentioned elements, but that lyrically and musically had challenge the band to take risks at the time to create new material, With this album being related to The Divine Wings Of Tragedy, it has some levels of musical madness like the track Legend, or pure epic moments like on Swan Song or Without You.

To explain things better we chat with guitar player, composer & founding member Michael Romeo of Symphony X, about the ideas behind Underworld, its relation with The Divine Wings Of Tragedy, the dantescan ideas on the album, and their upcoming North American tour with Overkill this fall.



Interview with Michael Romeo of Symphony X by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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