May 09

MERRIMACK stream new track, “Cesspool Coronation”


French black metal cultists MERRIMACK are streaming the third new track from ‘Omegaphilia’. The track, and abrasive, dissonant opus titled “Cesspool Coronation” is available for streaming and sharing here.

Regarding the new track, MERRIMACK comment: “We like to invite vocalists that we consider to be among the very best in the realm of black metal. On our previous record, we worked with MARDUK’s Mortuus. This time we asked Aldrahn (DØDHEIMSGARD, THORNS) to record few passages for the track ‘Cesspool Coronation’. His unique voice blends perfectly with the intensity of this song. This track starts off mid-tempo riffs and escalates quickly into a frenzy, before ending with an oppressive riff that eradicates any hope and light. For the first time, we’ve written part of the lyrics in French, which can be heard in the track’s closing speech. “

MERRIMACK’s new album ‘Omegaphilia’ releases worldwide on June 9. An extreme, relentless take on pitch-black metal, “Omegaphilia” is available for pre-order across multiple CD and LP formats at the Season of Mist E-Shop.

(Alternate cover, original cover here)

Track list:
1. Cauterizing Cosmos
2. The Falsified Son (click here to stream, also available on Spotify)
3. Apophatic Weaponry (click here to stream, also available on Spotify)
4. Gutters of Pain
5. Sights in the Abysmal Lure
6. Cesspool Coronation
7. At the Vanguard of Deception

MERRIMACK were founded by guitarist Perversifier in 1994 with a clear vision to keep the black metal flame burning as an act of aesthetic terrorism – adamantly based in the underground as opposed to any attempts to co-opt or commercialize.

With a number of demo recordings under their belt in the mid 90’s, the French gained recognition and respect in the scene for being true to their words. Following the release of 3 well-received full-lengths, the Parisians remained dedicated to their roots firmly lodged in dirty, grime, and fanatical passion. The band’s daft combination of harsh soundscapes with epic songwriting appealed to critics and fans alike, allowing the band to embark on their celebrated first US-tour with MARDUK and NACHTMYSTIUM in 2009.

Following the recording of  last album, (‘The Acausal Mass’, 2012) with the legendary Necromorbus Studio (WATAIN, DESTRÖYER 666), MERRIMACK embarked on a European tour with Norwegian genre icons MAYHEM and accepted invitations to prestigious festivals such as Hellfest in their native France, Germany’s Party-San Open Air and Summer Breeze and Montreal’s Messe des Morts in Canada.

Having firmly established their black name and message around the globe, MERRIMACK are currently preparing to release their next milestone of extreme black metal with a malicious underground spirit this year.

MERRIMACK news and updates will be made available through the Season of Mist website, the MERRIMACK Facebook page.

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