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Meridian Dawn – The Mixtape EP (2014)


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A while ago when I heard the demos for the songs presented on this EP, I got a hunch that this band could go far, and now I am glad I wasn’t wrong about it. With the release of the EP The Mixtape, Meridian Dawn delivers a small taste of their musical talent, and let clear they are here to stay

Meridian Dawn was conceived when Brandon Johnson, Antony Hämäläinen (Nervosa, ex Nightrage) & Christopher Jon (Succulence, ex White Wizzard, ex Nightrage) decided that they wanted to create metal together, following that, guitar player Nicholas Ziros (Into The Moat, ex-Remembering Never, ex-Before The Mourning) & drummer Johan Nunez (Firewind) were recruited to form Meridian Dawn, after almost a year of hard work & intense file exchange as they all live in different parts of the world. The band is about to release a new EP titled The Mixtape. A collection of five finely crafted songs that are just an appetizer to what their full album will be.

The Mixtape opens with Thieves one of the most complex songs in the EP, the vocal contrasts between clean and guttural vocals are impressive, and the production value goes beyond expectation for an EP release. The song also was the second lyric video release of the band, which was put together by Niklas Sunder (Dark Tranquillity)
Vocalist Antony Hämäläinen adds “Lyrically people can expect the same from me they always have. Just whatever the music speaks, I think of a situation, write it down, and let the listener make up his or her mind on the subject manner”.

Fever Syndrome, is without doubt the fastest and heaviest song on the EP, not only the aggression in the lyrics brings character to the song, but the guitar work is just impeccable. Guitar player, Brandon Johnson comments “Musically, this track evolved from just a couple of simple riff ideas. I began tracking pre-production for this track a few years back, which gave us a solid foundation for what they have become today. When I brought Nicholas and CJ into the band, we each fed off each other’s creativity to make the riffs and structure even better than what they were originally”.

The EP continues with Dressed In Ice, a melodic song that features Jake E (Amaranthe) whose voice contrasts Antony‘s guttural voice and both create a great texture that unveils the character of the music that Meridian Dawn wants to express within this EP Bass player Nicholas Ziros comment “CJ and I came into the fold during pre-production. Our goal was to make the song flow and try not to make anything abrupt. Then throw on the sweetest melodies we could come up with”.

The EP also includes a couple of covers one of them is Type O Negative‘s I Don’t Wanna Be Me, which presents a nice tribute to the memory of the late Peter Steel and his legacy with Type O Negative. The song carries the spirit of the original, but it has a brutal attitude that gives a sense of heaviness to the song. A great tribute to one of the greatest bands pioneers of the Gothic Metal sound back in the 90’s. Guitar player, Christopher Jon adds “We decided to do Type O Negatives’s cover because we all love the band and the atmosphere they have on their recordings, definitely an influence on us. And because we loved the idea of doing some harmonies and gang vocals and putting our own spin on it”.

Another cover on the EP is Descent original from Fear Factory, This song has a more catchy and melodic approach, definitely something to hear in radio play. The structure of the song stays true to the original, but it has the Meridian Dawn seal all over it. Drummer Johan Nunez adds “The Fear Factory cover was an idea from management. Since our music has quite the modern twist to it, these guys are the kings of bringing that term to metal. It was a challenge for us as well. It’s very different from what we play,but still in some weird way it works”.

If the heaviness, clean production, and attitude delivered on The Mixtape is not enough to prepare you for what the band’s full studio album will be, you are not putting enough attention. This EP delivers a full frontal attack on the Modern Metal spectrum, as they had taken a different approach to define the genre. Definitely is a band to look out for in the incoming months.

You can check out the exclusive online stream of The Mixtape Here



Fever Syndrome
Dressed In Ice
I Don’t Wanna Be Me (Type O Negative cover)
Descent (Fear Factory cover)

Genre: Modern Metal

Playing Time: 20 Minutes


Antony Hämäläinen – Vocals
Brandon Johnson – Guitar
Christopher Jon – Guitar
Nicholas Ziros – Bass
Johan Nunez – Drums




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