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Melechesh – ENKI (2015)


Melechesh is back after four years without releasing a full album to present ENKI, their sixth studio album. When you hear the term “folk metal” some cult bands as Enslaved, Finntroll, Otyg, Vintersorg, Trollfest, etc. come to your brain… And surely Melechesh should be a part of this elite. Ashmedi‘s unique riffs, scales, tuning, and tempo handling have consolidated the band’s style as one of the most recognizable sounds in the business. Nowadays, Melechesh is gaining more and more acknowledgement as one of the most relevant folk-black metal bands; they perfectly mixed ethnic sounds to mesopotamian and sumerian mythology over a black/death metal base, in a very consistent sound… ENKI, King of gods !!! 

Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged starts with wonderful eastern riffs that get a really dark atmosphere, followed by blasting drums mixed with astonishing riffs, some screams are on the air while the main part of the song starts, which is composed by different episodes, always combining eastern scales on guitars to powerful drums and bass lines. Ashmedi‘s vocals are taking a step into the dark in this record… The Pendulum Speaks is a rhythmic song that combines wonderful riffs, well performed drums, diverse tempo structures, and ghostly vocals in a powerful match… It is the most balanced song in this album. Lost Tribes perfectly mixes Max Cavalera‘s cooperation in this record. Without losing their eastern roots, the song mixes fast drums to powerful riffs. At minute 2:25 Mr. Cavalera screams Lost Tribes with all his hate, and continues providing it until the end of its first part… The second part of the song has a more eastern sound where drums and bass provide a different atmosphere…

Multiple Truths is the most balanced song, not so fast, not so slow… Ashmedi‘s riffs complemented by Scorpios‘ bass lines give interesting results. Definitely it is one of those songs to be in your pocket or playlist… nice sound, awesome riffs, well balanced bass and drums… Enki – Divine Nature Awoken starts with some sitar riffs mixed to deep echoes, and rapidly goes to distorted sounds mixed to drums and bass. Just after that, Ashmedi‘s vocals invade the song with power and darkness combined to a mix of tempo/riff changes that provide freshness and tension to the song. A third movement in the song combines clean/ghostly vocals to guitar solos until its end… It is the more diverse song in this record… Metatron and Man is a faster song that conjure up the Emissaries and The Epigenesis days… Power and speed using thrash elements. The role of Lord Curse‘s drums is remarkable, providing the required power to the song… Toms, bass drums, cymbals and speed combined to Moloch‘s guitars have got a blasting song.

The Palm the Eye and Lapis Lazuli continues with Sumerian mythology using a Sitar/Guitar intro followed by a very rythmic metal episode. Moloch‘s rythmic guitars and Rob Caggiano‘s solos (Volbeat, ex-Anthrax)  have a dazzling role in this song that brings your mind into a Sumerian-Babilonic atmosphere… Doorways to Irkala is an instrumental-ethnic song performed using Sitar, Saz, bass guitar, percussions and eastern rythms. An interesting piece of art that shows how well supported Melechesh’s music is… The Outsiders finishes this album with a song that combines some progressive elements with some thrash-speed riffs and well performed drums… An appropriate end to this story…

In general, ENKI is a well crafted album that follows Melechesh style in all its sense… Lyrics, music, atmosphere and concept. Alongside ABSU, Melechesh is one of the masters of Mythological Occult Metal whose artistic and philosophical influences takes metal to a new direction, and this record is one of the pillars of this underrated genre… Folk Metal in its broadest sense, a sincere piece of ethnic metal music, and the legacy of Sumerian-Babylonian-Mesopotamian sounds… Have a great time when hearing this multicultural experience !!!

5 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★★


1. Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged
2. The Pendulum Speaks
3. Lost Tribes
4. Multiple Truths
5. Enki – Divine Nature Awoken
6. Metatron and Man
7. The Palm the Eye and Lapis Lazuli
8. Doorways to Irkala (instrumental)
9. The Outsiders 

Genre: Sumerian Thrashing Black Metal/ Mesopotamian Metal

Record label: Nuclear Blast Records

Playing Time: 1:02:22

Line Up:

Melechesh Ashmedi: Vocals, Guitars (lead), Sitar, Keyboards, Piano, Percussions
Scorpios: Bass, Vocals (backing)
Lord Curse: Drums, Percussion
Moloch: Guitars (rythm), Strings (Saz), Percussions, Vocals (backing)

Links :

Melechesh’s Official Website
Melechesh on Nuclear Blast Records
Official Melechesh’s Facebook
Official Melechesh’s Twitter
Official Melechesh’s YouTube channel

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