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Max Cavalera of Soulfly discussed Archangel & being a metal dad.


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Phoenix’s very own Soulfly has become one of the most representative bands that is based in Arizona in the last 10 years or so, with ten studio albums in their back catalog, numerous tours over North America, Europe, Latin America and Australia, and a unique sound that shapes itself out with each of the albums that they released. It was not a surprised to saw them headline the first edition of the AZ Novemberfest at Eaglerider on November 22, 2015, in Tempe, AZ

Last August Soulfly released their 10th studio album titled Archangel, a ten track album that is one part based on biblical myths and the other part based on life experiences, two different things that Max Cavalera managed to put together on a dark and fast paced record. The album features Zion Cavalera (Max’s son) in drums, making this his second album with the band, and it was also the last album of Tony Campos (Fear Factory) on bass guitar.

The show at the AZ Novemberfest in Tempe, AZ was the last official show out of a long North American tour that was split into two halves and that took Soulfly all over the continent for almost a two month period. This show was not only a closing tour show, but it was also the Phoenix’s début of Soulfly‘s new live bass player Mike Leon (ex-Havok) who joined the band for the North American tour. It is also important to note that this show was highlighted as this year’s Dana’s show, that Soulfly puts every year in Arizona to celebrate the life of Max’s Step-son Dana Wells who died in a car accident in 1996.

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The set list for the night was a full entry of Archangel material including songs like We Sold Our Souls to Metal, Archangel, Ishtar RisingSodomitesTitans, the rest was a collection of gems from Soulfly‘s discography that included Blood Fire War Hate, Prophecy, Seek ‘N’ StrikeTribe, and a mix of Jumpdafuckup / Eye for an Eye. The show also included Sepultura classics like Refuse/ResistArise / Dead Embryonic Cells and Roots Bloody Roots. The show itself saw the parking lot of Eaglerider filled up with Soulfly fans and extreme metal enthusiasts who enjoyed a set of great metal along with good BBQ & drinks.

Before the show The Age Of Metal spoke with Max Cavalera of Soulfly about this North American tour, the fan response towards Archangel, his feelings about having his sons playing with him on stage, and his desire to extensively tour North and South America with Soulfly in the future.

Photos: Soulfly at AZ Novemberfest (Tempe, AZ 11/22/15)


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