Nov 13

Max Cavalera & Igor Cavalera talked about Metal, Savages & Family with The Age Of Metal



Soulfly is back with a fierce and personal album titled, Savages, the album includes Zyon Cavalera on drums & features Igor Cavalera‘s voice in the song ‘Bloodshed’. Both are the sons of legendary frontman Max Cavalera & wife Gloria Cavalera. Savages carry the trademark sound that Soulfly has forged through their extensive career, but the inclusion of Zyon & Igor gives this record a sense of home-made music, or home-made metal in this case.

Soulfly is well-known for creating in your face-melting metal that had shaped the groove metal spectrum since the band’s very beginning. each Soulfly album is different from the one before, because of the line up, the guest musicians on it, the intention, or the very idea behind the album. For Savages, the main subject is the primitive instincts of the human race, what makes us savages on a ‘civilized world’. Musically speaking the album brings the Cavalera family close to the workshop, as Zyon Cavalera (Lody Kong) recorded all the drum tracks on the album, and has been recently touring with Soulfly as their live drummer. Savages also includes his brother Igor Cavalera (Lody Kong) as he sings along with his father in the song Bloodshed the opening track of the album.

But the action doesn’t stop there, the guitar work provided by Max Cavalera & Marc Rizzo are more dominating than they were on the band’s previous album Enslaved, the album also presents bass player Tony Campos (Asesino) singing in Spanish for the track El Comegente, one of the most interesting and heavy songs on this album.

It was very interesting the moment that Soulfly took the stage at the 17th D-Low Memorial last November 2nd at Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ. This because during the first song (Bloodshed) you got to see three members of the Cavalera family playing on stage, and carrying Max‘s musical legacy live, something you don’t see very often on a metal show. it was also the perfect opportunity to discover how good the new songs sound live, and how they fit the Soulfly musical universe, specially songs like Cannibal Holocaust, Master Of Savagery & El Comegente.

Before the show we had the chance to speak with Max & Igor Cavalera about Savages, Metal, Family, and what is next for both Soulfly & Lody Kong.

Here are some of the pictures we got at the show


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