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Matt Szlachta of Broken Hope on joining the band & their upcoming album



There are multiple brutalers such as myself who hate knowing their favorite maniacal bands are either taking a hiatus or broke up altogether. So when a band such as Broken Hope re-emerged as even more of a slaughtering beast than they were before, well as you can imagine they have been making fans very happy. And with a new line-up, there can’t be much more going on for Broken Hope right now.

The guys in Broken Hope decided to fly out to Tampa to support Obituary for a special hometown show. Aside from Obituary, Broken Hope always has an amazing crowd here in Florida. Seeing them live before, the crowd never fails to be enthusiastic; each riff and blast engulfs the listener as they mosh furiously. Surprising still that this band isn’t from Tampa – they fit in perfectly with that style.

The Age of Metal was able to speak with Broken Hope guitarist Matt Szlachta. With his friendly demeanor and nonstop fun attitude, it’s no wonder why this man has created a legacy for himself: longtime guitarist of Chimaira, successful composer, Legator Guitars aficionado, and now that he’s spewing out lead riffs with Broken Hope this monster is truly ready to annihilate the masses. He talked about his experience in Broken Hope as well as the shows they have coming up and information on the new album.

The Age of Metal: How has it been being in Broken Hope?

Matt Szlachta: Oh, being in Broken Hope is just awesome; it’s finally fulfilling my original role as a guitar player. Coming to Broken Hope I went back to my original role, what I was intended to do is to be a shredder all-out. But now it took a whole new life of its own because it’s more brutal. I’m more excited about that because I was always more of a fan of playing heavier music. I wanted more blasting, I never got a chance to really experience blast beats. I feel that people need to see this new line-up because it offers so much more energy and so much more faith in the sound, in the grand scheme of the history of Broken Hope.

TAOM: You just got done playing a bunch of festivals in Europe. What’s it like going over there?

MS: The importance that I want to stress is being in a touring band out in Europe, there’s a lot of respect. Here [America], needs to get back on point in treating bands the right way. When you’re in Europe, A. the fans they live it, and B. the people who run the venues, they treat you great. They’re always showing up with food, with drinks, anything you need. You’re respected.

TAOM: What was the Tampa crowd like tonight?

MS: It was fucking phenomenal! Are you kidding me? It’s Obituary, what can go wrong? And it’s Florida, the death metal capital of the world! So it was literally flawless, it was off the hook.

TAOM: Let’s talk about Full Terror Assault, the first open air festival in the U.S. – you guys are playing that! What are your thoughts? Are you excited for a big festival in this country? Finally.

MS: [Full Terror Assault] is gonna be incredible because there’s a lot of awesome bands that I’m a fan of [who are playing].

TAOM: You’re playing one show with Embalmer, Teloch Vovin, Hypoxia and Thorn Constellation. Is that just one show? It’s not going to be a tour or anything?

MS: It’s a one-off. We’re gonna show up and we’re gonna kill it!

TAOM: What can you say about the new album?

MS: Well I think we’re like seven songs in. We’re gonna be recording at our own personal studio in Jeremy’s house. This record is actually going to be amazing because we’re all writing it. And now we have Diego from Disgorge, who’s also an engineer! So he’s gonna help a lot with that and put all of his two cents in. He’s got a lot of great ideas. So it’s gonna be a great record because it’s a full band contribution. As opposed to like, some engineer guy be call some shots while a couple of dudes write riffs. And they glue them together. That’s no fun.

We’re like that old school band that likes to get in a room and sweat it out. It’s not like, ‘hold on man I’m gonna send you these riffs on my computer!’ No one cares about that. We show up and we get stupid in the studio. Like, sweat it out. Like the old days. Instead of digitally compose things, and ‘here’s the drums because I programmed them and this is how I want them to be!

TAOM: What’s the future of Broken Hope? I hope you guys don’t break up again!

MS: I tell Jeremy [Wagner, guitarist] all the time, “if you fucking break this up I’m gonna kill you!’ I think we’ll definitely make a lot of noise that will get recognized on a new level. Century Media is behind us. We’re like a passion band for them, we re-signed with them. With that, I feel like that’s a leg up above anyone playing heavy sh*t. Their roster is brutal and they’re like the best of the best with the brutality factor. This will be more gratifying for all of us and the fans. I think everyone is gonna get what they want, from the artists to the fans.

TAOM: Is there anything you want to share with your projects alongside of Broken Hope?

MS: Along with this new Broken Hope record, I’m piecing together this instrumental guitar record that I’ve been working on for years. I’ve actually written, I don’t know how many of these instrumental guitar pieces since I was sixteen. It’s like a fusion/heavy metal/progressive rock/instrumental/guitar record, that’s gonna fuck peoples’ worlds up. I actually plan on releasing this record the same time the Broken Hope record is released. Whether or not it’s released on a label I could give a fuck less. But if you come to the shows you’ll end up getting a CD!



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