May 09

Matt Harvey of Gruesome/Exhumed discussed metal, comics, horror, and Death’s legacy.


Florida/California Death metal machine Gruesome had just wrapped up their first West Coast tour before joining Obituary on an East Coast take over. The band recently released their second EP titled Fragments of Psyche which includes a new song, a cover of Death‘s Choke On It and five raw demos from their debut album Savage Land (2015). 

We heard of Gruesome back in early 2015 when they released their first track online, lucky for us Exhumed was touring at the time, and that tour came to AZ almost at the same time as their new song was released, so we had a chance to talk with Matt Harvey about his new project. Forwarding almost two years later, Gruesome has released one full studio album, two massive EP’s and playing at some of the most important death metal festivals around the world. Along with that, they were visiting AZ for the first time during their first full West Coast tour. 

To say the least we were very stoked to see Gruesome for the first time around here and to be able to talk with Matt once again now that the band has out in full force. As many might remember Gruesome is not your generic death metal band. Gruesome‘s main purpose is to honor the legacy of Death and the memory of Chuck Schuldiner by paying tribute to Death‘s iconic sound. So far they have managed to do an amazing job on channeling the essential sound of Death, and at the same time keeping that tribute sound from falling into copying Death

Gruesome‘s live show could be described as a Death‘s celebration of life, for weird that this could sound at the time to describe a death metal band’s live performance, but again we are talking about a band that plays death metal in the same style that Death did. For many of us that never had the chance to see Death live this is the closest thing, we could experience that carries Death‘s signature sound. 

During the show at Club Red in Mesa, AZ we had the chance to listen to songs like Forces of Death, Savage Land, Closed Casket, Open Casket (Death Cover), Hellbound, Fragments of Psyche, Trapped in Hell, and Gruesome. it was an amazing show that had a really good turnout for Wednesday night. So if you ever want to experience what the sound of Death live was like go to a Gruesome show, you won’t be disappointed as these guys and gal had created a full show that pays tribute to the essential sound of Death

Before the show we had a long conversation with Matt Harvey guitarist and vocalist of Gruesome, we talked about how the band has come together from a project to a full touring band, and how they keep pay tribute to the sound of Death with every record the release. We also talked the story behind the upcoming Exhumed record and how Harvey is getting involved into the comic and horror movie music score business.

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