Apr 25

Matt Harvey of Exhumed chats with The Age Of Metal



Hailing from San Jose, California and formed in 1990, Exhumed is a powerhouse that has evolved from gore grind to death metal with a steady stream of brutality dispersed in between. The band, signed with Relapse Records, is currently comprised of members Matt Harvey (vocals, guitars), Rob Babcock (bass/backing vocals), Bud Burke (bass, vocals), and Michael Hamilton (drums).

Exhumed has toured everywhere you can imagine, and have a strong following as a result. They are currently on tour in support of the almighty Suffocation. (Also on this tour are Jungle Rot, Rings of Saturn, and Adimiron). Lovers of gore and death metal alike have the potential of really sinking their teeth into a band like Exhumed. Their performance last Wednesday, April 17th at Club 910/Elite Cabaret proved why they’ve lasted 20 years and continue to shred, tour, and make new albums that tap right into the bloodstream.

No matter when death and gore filled Exhumed come to town, they always pack a punch. Every member performs with an extreme, contagious energy. Their ferocity transfers to the crowd spontaneously, almost like an explosion. This show was no different. Playing a mix of old and new, Exhumed blasted a wall of sound at the audience that rippled from the front row all the way to those standing in the back by the bar. They almost force you to take notice. They had some new stage antics for this tour, resuscitating guitarist Bud Burke with defibrillation and natures medicine (a heavy stream of beer directly into his mouth) on stage. They kept the crowd entertained and kept heads a-banging. This is definitely not a band you want to sit on the sidelines for. From their killer blood drenched riffs to the brain crushing (in a good way) drums, Exhumed takes care of business. The new album is sure to melt some faces off.

The Age of Metal took a few minutes to speak with Matt Harvey, front man and guitarist of Exhumed. As always, the conversation gets interesting and fun when you spend any length of time talking with Harvey. Between discussing Exhumed’s upcoming album and the current tour with Suffocation to who Matt would become intimate with in the band if he had to…it’s safe to say that things got interesting. As a side note, Exhumed chose to record their new album in Chandler, AZ with Ryan Butler (LANDMINE MARATHON) at Arcane Digital Recording. (All drums were recorded at TRENCH STUDIOS). They also utilized AZ local photographer Valerie LittleJohn (NOCEILING PHOTOGRAPHY/THE AGE OF METAL) to shoot their promotional photos for the upcoming album, due out this Spring.


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