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Mary Zimmer of Luna Mortis/Glittermortis talked to The Age Of Metal



Continuing with a series of Eve’s Apple interviews today our guess is Mary Zimmer of Luna Mortis & Glittermortis

Mary Zimmer is well-known as the vocalist of the Wisconsin based metal band Luna Mortis (Aka Ottoman Empire), She released two albums and one EP with Luna Mortis (two as The Ottoman Empire). Besides that she is a 9 years experienced vocal coach, and an active member of Eve’s Apple. But Mary’s passion for music doesn’t stop with only one band, She along with VK Lynne are Glittermortis.

The Age Of Metal had the pleasure of speaking with Mary Zimmer about, her work with Glittermortis, and the recent reunification of Luna Mortis. We also talked about her involvement in Eve’s Apple, and what is next in her career.


The Age Of Metal: Back in October last year it was announced that you were coming back to the music business, What made you come back to it?

Mary Zimmer: Well, I took a few years off after Luna Mortis disbanded. We had quite the tumultuous ending and I basically walked away from music for a few years. The ladies in Eve’s Apple that I met really inspired me to keep going and to reboot myself even as a solo artist and that’s initially what I began to do. I just wanted to play for whoever wanted to listen even if it was just for fun. I had to take less serious steps to get back into it…

TAOM: Also at the beginning of the year it was announced that Luna Mortis was getting back together. What was the motivation of the band getting back together? Perhaps you getting back into the music business had something to do with the return of Luna Mortis?

MZ: In the beginning of 2013 we did some test posts to see how the fans would react to a Luna Mortis reunion and it was an overwhelming response. When the band broke up we never really wrapped things up for the fans. It was initially rather abrupt and we decided we should get back together and give them a few shows that they had been wanting for so long.

TAOM: But besides Luna Mortis, you also have other music project Glittermortis with VK Lynne. So let’s talk about that project. How did you and VK Lynne decide to create Glittermortis? And What is the idea behind that project?

MZ: Yes, Glittermortis is a project I have with VK Lynne and we have a small web series about making music across the country called “Tracking the Trade”. We are only doing one original song written by VK but the idea is to show two female musicians working together to create something from completely different parts of the country. The name Glittermortis was just something ridiculous we came up with to try to be eyecatching and attention gettingI think it’s worked

TAOM: Luna Mortis will be headlining the Dame-Nation Festival this August in Chicago. What are your expectations for this show? And for the return of Luna Mortis to the stage?

MZ: Dame Nation will be a totally huge fest, a rare thing for the United States. The promoters for that show are taking a queue from the European fests like Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium for example. They have put together an excellent lineup of female fronted bands from the states and this should be an excellent show. The return of Luna Mortis to the stage has been going very well thus far, having completed our first show in Madison, WI. Dame Nation will be a very big performance and it will be our pleasure to headline this innovative fest.

TAOM: Now with Luna Mortis reformed and active, are any plans for a new album? Or what is next for Luna Mortis?

MZ: It is unclear at present the future of Luna Mortis. Putting the band together for these shows has been rather complex and we’ve all got other bands and projects at the moment. Largely we wanted to put on a few good shows for the fans to wrap things up like we weren’t able to do when we originally disbanded. Whether there is anything more to come remains to be seen…

TAOM: On top of all this, you joined the Eve’s Apple community. How did you become one of the Apples? And what represents to you be part of this community?

MZ: I became one of the first singers to join Eve’s Apple in our early days after an invitation from Lisa Middlehauve and Melissa Ferlaak. The idea behind this community is to remove the sense of competition and catty-ness among female singers in metal and to create a sisterhood of professional female hard rock and metal singers who work together productively and positively. We also try to mentor up and coming singers and advise them as well…

TAOM: Also you will be performing on the opening night of the Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium this October with the Eve’s Apple ladies. How excited are you about performing on MFVF? Also is there any of the bands performing on the bill that you are looking forward seeing?

MZ: I’m extremely excited to perform with Eve’s Apple at MFVF. The lineup this year is incredible. The Eve’s Apple show will be bigger than ever, with a full band and double the singers from last year many of whom the fans know very well. It will be an honor to perform with them this year. I’m looking forward to seeing all the bands at MFVF but mostly Revamp, Tarja, Visions of Atlantis and Stream of Passion.

TAOM: What is next for Mary Zimmer?

MZ: What’s next is that I have a very HUGE surprise that has nothing to do with any of the projects mentioned above that is coming this fall. So, there’s more to reveal. I have DameNation with Eve’s Apple and Luna Mortis. Lots of exciting things on the horizon! Thank you very much for the interview, it’s been a pleasure.

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