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Marty Friedman discussed the Inferno World Tour



In 2015 alone, Marty Friedman has extended his music to the edge. For it being his first time playing his solo material in North America, fans finally had a taste of his guitar work that has been put off too long. Now 2016 is here, and the Inferno world tour has reached every corner of the world.

Friedman has successfully engulfed the whole world in his guitar madness. No matter where in the world he is, seeing Marty Friedman live is unlike anything else. For his material being fully instrumental, each member of his band evoked so much energy to where it carried to every person in the crowd; especially Friedman himself, who becomes the ultimate riffing machine.

This was prevalent on February 19, where Marty Friedman took over downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. That night State Theater had such high intensity of anticipation and excitement from the crowd. Friedman’s unique style and fiery skills provoked everyone in the venue. Everything that was played on that stage was stimulated on every wall, completely taking over the crowd.

Whether it’s his live show or his recordings, you can’t help but be swallowed up my Friedman’s music. His music is an enigma of complexity, but it’s catchy enough to where each note affects you. But ultimately, his passion is why Marty Friedman is such an inspiration. He received his response to his music and fame because his passion for music only continues to grow.

Because of Marty Friedman’s passion, any listener can’t help but be induced by that energy. This proves that Friedman is truly unforgettable. And fortunately, this won’t be the last time America experiences Friedman. He has fully risen from the depth, ready with his guitar to conquer the world. His flames have carried through the world, and have only just ignited. Now the only thing left to do is overtake the universe.

The Age of Metal was able to speak with Marty Friedman while at State Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida. In the interview we discussed his world tour, playing in the United States and his satisfaction with playing a world tour.



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