Feb 28

Martin Stewart of Terror Talks to The Age of Metal



Terror is one of those bands that you know what you’re going to get pretty much at first glance. Anthemic choruses? Check. Good old classic hardcore? Check.

Their record coming out in April, Live by the Code, looks to pretty much continue that trend – maybe with a little more crossover mixed in – and no one is really complaining about it. The tour that this interview was conducted on proved that fans are totally okay with keeping this course too. They went equally as crazy for the new tracks played as well as the classics from previous records – we nearly dropped the camera we took the pictures on several times over, particularly because the show took place in a basement. H2O skipped out on this date, so Terror was left to headline this show, and it looked like no one cared at all.

We spoke to Terror guitarist Martin Stewart about the new record, the shifting tides in the hardcore scene, and much more. The interview is below. Live by the Code will be released April 2nd.

Martin Stewart (Terror) Talks to The Age of Metal by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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