Apr 26

Martin Henriksson of Dark Tranquillity chats with The Age of Metal



More than 20 years is a long time for a band to be together let alone one that has been founders of a metal sub-genre like melodic death metal. Dark Tranquillity is that one band alongside At the Gates and In Flames (there are others also that have been essential to the sub-genre) created the so-called Gothenburg Metal scene. Where At the Gates have long been gone (at least recording wise) and In Flames has left behind the scene in favour of commercial success, Dark Tranquillity stayed true to the scene for the most part.

Now this year Dark Tranquillity will release their newest offering in Construct. Recorded in their native Sweden Dark Tranquillity promises that Construct will their most diverse album to date. This will also be the first album since their re-signing on Century Media.

We here in The Age of Metal recently did an interview with Martin Henriksson, guitarist and one of the founders for Dark Tranquillity. In the interview we spoke of the recording of the new album Construct, their legacy in the Gothenburg scene and how they have kept it together for so many years, Martin’s influences as a guitar player, and a possible US tour later in the year.

Martin Henriksson of Dark Tranquillity chats with the Age of Metal by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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