Oct 26

Mark Heylmun of Suicide Silence discussed touring with Korn & the new EP Sacred Words


Mark Heylmun-1After a little over a year since Suicide Silence released their last studio album You Can’t Stop Me, Suicide Silence have returned to the North American roads in one of their biggest tour ever. This time around they are closing the album cycle for You Can’t Stop Me, and giving support to KoRn on their 20th anniversary tour, before they go behind doors and write another album in spring 2016. Suicide Silence has grown up into a popular band among young audiences in the last decade, and they have taken the work of laying before them the path of modern metal. With You Can’t Stop Me, this California quintet made a fresh start after a period of lost and grief, and that is exactly what this new album is about, a new beginning, a strong and powerful argument of survival. Suicide Silence is back and is here to stay.

Their live show at Marquee theater last Thursday night was a reflection of that spirit. During their set we witness a different and a greater band. Songs like Inherit The Crown, You Only Like Once, Sacred Words, No Pity for A Coward and You Can’t Stop Me they felt different and they resonated within the audience which resulted on an energetic audience that was engaged and that singed and jumped along almost every song.

Before the show The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with Mark Heylmun guitar player of Suicide Silence we talked about the experience of touring with a band like KoRn, the band’s new EP Sacred Words, and their plans to write and release a new album in 2016.



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