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Margarita Monet of Edge Of Paradise discussed Immortal Waltz & band image



Founded in 2011 Edge Of Paradise started as a L.A band that was out in the look for a new sound, after the released of their album Mask in 2011, the band took a different direction in 2013 after meeting legendary producer Michael Wagener (Mötley Crüe, W.A.S.P., Overkill, AcceptAlice CooperMegadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, and Metallica) who collaborated with them on their EP Perfect Shade Of Black released in 2013, and most lately he produced their new album Immortal Waltz.

Edge Of Paradise style draws influence from the old guard of heavy and hair metal that ruled the 80’s in Sunset Street, but make not mistake they are not a 80’s revival band or a tribute band, they just used some of those sounds and applied to their own music. The definitive factor is the driven vocal style of vocalist Margarita Monet who delivers a very particular type of vocal texture to each song, and make of it a whole world on its own.

The band includes symphonic and classical elements within their music, which combined with their hard rock style makes an excellent mixture of organized chaos. What breaks apart Edge Of Paradise from the 80’s hard rock crowd and the symphonic metal crowd is their ability to no compromise with neither of them, they use the elements from this genres to their music. If you listen to songs like; In A Dream, Immortal Waltz, Rise For The Fallen, and It’s My Show you could notice the different patters and textures used for each of the above mentioned examples.

The Age Of Metal had the pleasure to speak with vocalist Margarita Monet of Edge Of Paradise about the new album Immortal Waltz, working with a producer like Michael Wagener, their image, their tour experiences, and their plans for the rest to the year.



Interview with Margarita Monet of Edge Of Paradise by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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