Jul 16

Månegarm – Legions Of The North (2013)



After I listened Månegarm‘s new album Legions Of The North it is my belief that this band along with Amon Amarth and TYR should be included on the soundtrack of the series Vikings. The sensation of being on a Viking quest flows naturally on this album; the melodies, the lyrics, the intensity and level of rage made it the best soundtrack to such adventures.

Månegarm has been active for quite a while, and they had created a name by themselves in the metal scene. Legions Of The North is by now their seventh album release. Full of violent and fast songs (Legions Of The North & Eternity Awaits) this album deliver a hand full of packed folk/death metal action that lacks on the recent works of other more popular bands. This band remembers that simplicity and creativity are more important at the time to create a folk metal record, then just repeat the formula in a different way over and over. Songs like Hordes Of HelTor Hjälpe and Wake Of The Gods are examples of that simplicity, as the bands create different sound environments based on what it is already out there.

It gets difficult for bands to create something new based off an idea that has been exploited for a long time, but Månegarm managed to come up with a new twist at the time to create Legions Of The North. Sons Of War and Echos From The Past are the best examples of that, as the songs can sound similar to something already done. The way in which they flow and how the manipulated the melodies and tempos make it fresh and new to the genre.

Overall Legions Of The North is an enjoyable album filled with good folk metal that is not over saturated, neither try so hard to change it out. On the other hand the simplicity at the time to add small changes here and there, made this album interesting and fresh. Indeed is not much to bring to the table of folk metal as bands are trying to overflow it by mixing it with other genres, Månegarm just uses what is already there to keep it simple and classic, but somehow new and current with the times.



1. Arise
2. Legions of the North
3. Eternity Awards
4. Helvegr
5. Hordes of Hel
6. Tor Hjalpe
7. Vigverk
8. Sons of War
9. Echoes from the Past
10. Fallen
11. Forged in Fire
12. Raadh

Genre: Viking/Pagan metal

Record Label: Napalm Records

Playing Time: 54 minutes

Line Up:

Erik Grawsiö – Vocals, bass
Markus Andé – Guitar
Jonas Almkvist – Guitar
Jacob Hallegren – Drumms



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