Jul 25

Maik Weichert of Heaven Shall Burn talks about The Wanderer at Hellfest



Heaven Shall Burn is one of the most noticeable bands in the metalcore scene since their formation almost 20 years ago they have shaped their own sound along with laying the foundations for the global sound of metalcore. Heaven Shall Burn last album VETO was an example of how heavily and aggressive this band could be. I was excited to see them while at Hellfest as they do not tour the US often.

I was indeed thrilled to see Heaven Shall Burn at Hellfest as it’s one of those bands that they have not only carved a name on the own but also if you live in America you will be able to see them only in Europe. Their set at Hellfest was a rollercoaster that covered almost all their discography, from Hunters Will Be Hunted, Godiva, and Like Gods Among Mortals from VETO (2013) all the way back to Behind A Wall Of Silence from Whatever It Might Take (2002) and everything in between.

Not only their show was energetic and really straight forward, but they also deliver a real dose of aggression that really fit their spot at the Warzone stage. Heaven Shall Burn live was a bucket list band something that you should watch at least once in your lifetime. Even though I am not a huge Metalcore fan, they along with Caliban are the only couple of band that I like from the genre as their style is not tamed like some of the modern bands.

Before their show at Hellfest, we had the chance to speak with guitar player and founding member Maik Weichert of Heaven Shall Burn. We talked about Hellfest, their upcoming album Wanderer, and the sponsorship of the local football club FC Carl Zeiss Jena.



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