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Lyriel – Skin and Bones (2014)


Lyriel coverartAfter 10 years of musical career and 6 albums under their belt. German folk/symphonic metallers Lyriel returned a new album titled Skin And Bones, The album reflects not only the maturity and artistic development of Lyriel, but shows a more melodic side of them, which was not present on their latest album Leverage (2012). 

Skin And Bones is an album that has great moments, songs like Numbers & Falling Skies (which is a song that would be awesome to listen live, as it has the potential of include the crowd during the chorus parts of it) are some of the catchy songs within the album. Lyriel had finally found a good balance point between the symphonic and folk genres, the title track of the album, Skin And Bones reflects perfectly how the can blend both genres, which makes this song not only one of their heavy tracks of the album, but also one of the most melodics.

Black And White has to be the most emblematic song of this new era of Lyriel, not only has a great feeling, and the vibe is just breathtaking. Now, the mix of harsh vocals done by guest musician Christian Älvestam (Scar Symmetry) along with the clean vocals of Oliver ThierjungJessica Thierjung let shine the vocal talent of Lyriel, and reflect the planning behind this album.

Days Has Just Begun, is a gorgeous ballad that is not well done on its own merit, but it also reflects the amazing voices of Jessica ThierjungLinda Laukamp. Definitely one of the best songs on this record. Your Eyes, Is a soft catchy song, that builds moment until gains some speed that makes it heavy, but still leaves you with a catchy feeling. Dust To Dust, is a folky ballad that once again reflects the balance that the band had reached on this album.

The German spirit of the bands comes with Der Weg (The Way) a quite interesting mix of folk pieces, industrial guitar riffs, and speed metal. That combined with the german lyrics delivers a solid and powerful song. Astray, is an acoustic song full of amazing cello arrangements that allows the beautiful voice of Jessica Thierjung go wild.

Worth The Fight is a strange and heavy song, that at times sounds somber and dark (maybe the string parts), but at the same time is heavy and melodic in the fast parts of it. A delight of song if you like somber music with a twist on it. Running In Our Blood, makes part of the heavy side of the album, really dense riffs and bombastic drums, I think this is the side of Lyriel I like the most on this record. The album closes with a magnificent ballad called Dream Within A Dream (Inception, anyone?) this song let the symphonic side of Lyriel do what it does best, enchant the ear with the powerful voice of Jessica Thierjung, no doubt a great ballad that represents best the soft side of the band.

Lyriel‘s Skin And Bones is a great record with an amazing musical arrangement and the best balance between folk and symphonic elements that band had produced to date. It’s important to recognized that the album is not bringing a new concept to the genre. However, they present a fresh album that is catchy, heavy and melodic. If you are looking for a good folk/symphonic metal album, please stop searching and enjoy what Lyriel is offering on Skin And Bones.

LY_SAB_P04 Tracklist:

1. Numbers
2. Falling Skies
3. Skin and Bones
4. Black and White
5. Days Had Just Begun
6. Your Eyes
7. Dust to Dust
8. Der Weg
9. Astray
10. Worth the Fight
11. Running in Our Blood
12. Dream Within a Dream
13. Black and White (Second Skin Version)

Genre: Folk/Symphonic Metal

Record Label: AFM Records

Playing Time: 55 Minutes

Line Up:

Jessica Thierjung: vocals
Oliver Thierjung: bass, back. vocals
Linda Laukamp: cello, back. Vocals
Tim Sonnenstuhl: guitar
Markus Fidorra: drums, percussion
Joon Laukamp: violin
Christian Älvestam: vocals on “Black and white”


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