Mar 20

Lullacry – Where Angels Fear (2012)


I remember Lullacry opening for Nightwish during their Nemo tour back in 2004. their show at the Cajun House (now Venue of Scottsdale) in Scottsdale,AZ blew me away. That show was for me love at first sight, but is one of those stories where you see someone you like at a concert or at a party and they disappeared without leaving a trail to follow. Well Where Angels Fear feels like a Craigslist answer to a missing connection ad. I am glad that I found that connection, and that they are back after all this turbulent years. Where Angels Fear is a way different album from their last album Vol 4. not only because the gothic metal scene has changed a lot, but also because the sound of Lullacry has grown and expanded more since that album.

The album opens with Antidote To You a fast paced song full of aggression that shows the intentions of the band from the very first chord, kick ass and take names while doing it. Still An Angel is a more catchy song, full of electronic elements and the sexy voice of Tanja Lainio gives a touch of hotness to the song. Thousand Suns is a very strong song that is well driven by the pounding drumming, great guitars and a powerful vocal work. Fell My Revenge is the first ballad of the album, quite calm song that gives the album a unique balance, it have an old Lacuna Coil feeling on it.

Bad Blood is a faster song with a bit of electronic aura, the voice of Tanja on this song is quite extreme and strong. All Behind is a very catchy song that would fit great on radio rotation, is soft and faster at some points too. Gone Are The Days is a darker track that totally keep that vibe of what Lullacry is all about, great guitar riffs, pounding drums, and a gentle but aggressive vocal work. I Am, is such a great song, well paced guitars and mellow lyrics one of my favorites out of the album. Broken (Into Pieces), a great ballad that complements the dark lyrics of the song.

Where Angels Fear, is the strongest songs on the album with a great and dark lyric on it. Stay is a soft ballad that just pours the heart out of the band. Where Angels Fear is not an innovation on female fronted metal. However, it shows a different effort from Lullacry, that captures the hard work of a band that has been around for a long time. Good instrumentation and production work and a beautiful voice make of this album a great piece to enjoy.

01. Antidote To You
02. Still An Angel
03. Thousand Suns
04. Feel My Revenge
05. Bad Blood
06. All Behind
07. Gone Are The Days
08. I Am
09. Broken (Into Pieces)
10. Where Angels Fear
11. Stay

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