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Lord Mantis – Death Mask (2014)



Lord Mantis is a band that breaks barriers in metal. Their signature deep sound is haunting; it encompasses an eerie beauty that is captivating for any listener. Their newest release Death Mask is no different. With this album, Lord Mantis discovered a new realm of their morbid sound, one that is surrounded by a somber tone. This evokes both a mellow and influential feeling from the listener.

Each song is long, but contains its own unique elements. The album begins Body Choke that encircles an obscure atmosphere, leaving the listener in a trance. The track Possession Prayer then engulfs the listener into a chaotic vortex; the stamina of the track crushing the flesh and bones and coursing through the blood.

After this track, the listener is then plunged down with tracks such as You Will Gag For The Fix and Coil. The fall is broken by cold floor in a pitch black room. Unconsciousness swells up, swallows whole. Only the darkness and the inevitable insanity remain. The album comes to its conclusion with the track Three Crosses. The ten-minute masterpiece starts off with appeasing tones, and then throws the listener off track with a squalid vibe that induces the arduous musicianship. After the song, the listener is left hanging in the perpetual infirmity.

On the Lord Mantis Facebook page, they describe their sound as “your face hitting broken glass.” If that is what they claim, then Death Mask is the indomitable suffering that results from each shards of glass gliding across your brain; the personification of a migraine taking over your sanity. If you want to listen to one of the most distinctive albums of 2014, then check out Death Mask. Your bloodied brain will eventually thank you.

mantis four shot 2


1. Body Choke
2. Death Mask
3. Possession Prayer
4. You Will Gag For The Fix
5. Negative Birth
6. Coil
7. Three Crosses

Genre: Blackened/Doom/Noise Metal

Label: Profound Lore Records

Playing Time: 47 Minutes



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