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Looking Back At Death: A conversation with Steve DiGiorgio of Death To All



I would not be the death metal fanatic that I am today without Death. I was always a fan of heavy music, but when I discovered Death I realized that the heavy music I love could be something much more; that heavy music could encompass mind-blowing dexterity while still remaining brutal. Death paved the way for death metal bands today. They perfected the genre and the death metal style that allows them to remain infamous. This is why I proudly show off the Scream Bloody Gore tattoo on my leg, and above all show off my love for this genre.

The concept of the Death To All tour (DTA) truly is wonderful. I did not discover Death until I was sixteen, and currently being twenty-two years of age I found this iconic band much longer after the passing of the band’s founder and creative force Chuck Schuldiner. This tour still allowed me to experience all of my favorite Death songs played live by former Death members bassist Steve DiGiorgio and drummer Gene Hoglan. While playing some of my favorite songs such as “Zombie Ritual” and “Flattening of Emotions” I screamed and headbanged harder than I ever have before. This tour also continues the legacy that Chuck created, along with reflecting back on everything that he accomplished. My first experience watching Death To All was incredible, and I hope I can see this awesome show again!

The Age of Metal was able to speak to Steve DiGiorgio while at the DTA show in Tampa, Florida at The Orpheum. We discuss the tour, how DTA has grown and the future of DTA.

Pictures: Death To All Tour at The Orpheum. Tampa, FL (12/06/14)

Death to All ‘Swamp Leper Stomp’ 2014 North American Tour Dates:

11/14 – Los Angeles, Calif. – Club Nokia
11/15 – Ramona, Calif. – Mainstage
11/16 – San Francisco, Calif. – DNA Lounge
11/18 – Seattle, Wash. – Studio Seven
11/19 – Vancouver, British Columbia – Rickshaw Theater (feat. Untimely Demise)
11/21 – Calgary, Alberta – MacEwan Ballroom (feat. Untimely Demise)
11/22 – Regina, Sasketchewan – Riddell Centre (feat. Untimely Demise)
11/23 – Winnipeg, Manitoba – Park Theatre (feat. Untimely Demise)
11/24 – Minneapolis, Minn. – Amsterdam
11/25 – Chicago, Ill. – Metro
11/26 – Cleveland, Ohio – Agora Theater
11/27 – Toronto, Ontario – Phoenix Concert Hall
11/28 – Montreal, Quebec – Le National
11/29 – Boston, Mass. – Brighton Music Hall
11/30 – New York, N.Y. – Best Buy Theater
12/03 – Springfield, Va. – Empire
12/04 – Charlotte, N.C. – Tremont Music Hall
12/05 – Atlanta, Ga. – Masquerade
12/06 – Tampa, Fla. – The Orpheum (no Obituary)
12/07 – Miami, Fla. – Grand Central

Death to All only:

12/09 – Houston, Texas – Fitzgerald’s
12/10 – Austin, Texas – Dirty Dog
12/11 – Dallas, Texas – Trees
12/12 – Albuquerque, N.M. – Launchpad
12/13 – Tempe, Ariz. – Club Red


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