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Lonewolf – Army of the Damned (2012)


     Lonewolf is a Speed metal band from the Rhône-Alps region in France. Formed in 1991 they released some demos but ultimately did not release their first full-length album until 2002 with March Into the Arena. In 2012 Lonewolf have released their fifth album called Army of the Damned and is their first for Napalm records.

     With Army of the Damned Lonewolf by the looks of it have continued from they do best: playing fast and epic metal. Lonewolf comprises of vocalist/guitarist Jens Börner, lead guitarist Alex Hilbert, drummer Antoine Bussière, and Rikki Mannhard. On Army of the Damned there are no filler songs each song is played to the best of their abilities. vocalist/guitarist Jens Börner sings with a grit in his voice almost at times sounding like a growl, this gives Lonewolf a heaviness to their sound and also a sense of reality with their lyrics being about evil and Hell. Lead guitarist Alex Hilbert and rest of the gang keep the band going instrumentally with fast power chord riffing and almost constant double-bass drumming. Songs like Hellbent for Metal, One Second in Eternity or Soulreapers makes you want to bang your head as you raise some devil horns. Lyrically speaking they are not the most thought-provoking of bands but it does get the job done.

    Army of the Damned sounds like a great album for fans of speed metal or metal in general. Essentially, this is music getting ready for battle. While Lonewolf is not the most original band in the world they sound like they will do great in metal festivals across the globe with bands such as Manowar.

1. Lonewolf
2. Crawling to Hell
3. Army of the Damned
4. Hellbent for Metal
5. Soulreapers
6. Celtic Heart
7. The Last Defenders
8. Cold
9. The One You Never See
10. Tally Ho
11. One Second in Eternity


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