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Lindsay Schoolcraft live member of Cradle Of Filth talked to The Age Of Metal



Lindsay Schoolcraft is now the live keyboardist and backing vocalist for extreme metal band Cradle Of Filth, and with her we continue our Eve’s Apple interview series. She started playing music at the age of 7 years old, and by the time she reached high school she formed her own all girl punk band. During her 20’s she transcended to rock that eventually lead her to metal.

Schoolcraft debuted her solo EP ‘Rushing Through The Sky‘ in 2012, but it was in January 2013 that she was chosen to join Cradle Of Filth as a live keyboardist and backing vocalist. After touring with the band in South America, Europe and Australia. Schoolcraft participated on a special acoustic event with some of the Eve’s Apple ladies at the Dame-Nation Festival in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. For now she is keeping herself busy working on her solo career, and in some unknown collaborations.

The Age Of Metal got the chance to talk to her after Dame-Nation Festival. We talked about her work with Cradle Of Filth, her musical career, her involvement with Eve’s Apple, and what is next for Lindsay Schoolcraft.


The Age Of Metal: You started on a punk band when you were very young, how was the process from going from punk to metal? And what attracted you to this genre?

Lindsay Schoolcraft: “I think it was just a natural progression of wanting more as a song writer. As I explored and grew with music I was drawn to classical music and singing, so naturally, metal seemed like the right choice. I find metal and classical music go hand in hand a lot of the time, hence why symphonic metal is such a prominent subgenre. Punk is angry and aggressive, but gave me no room to be dark. I found I could have both anger and darkness with metal. Though I don’t write much for metal, I still enjoy playing it and attending concerts.”
TAOM: Looking at your musical formation we see that besides singing and playing piano you also play the harp, which is an unusual instrument in metal (well except some folk metal) what called your attention about the harp? And how do you use this instrument in metal music?

LS: “It was a strange choice for me too. I have Celtic roots in my Irish bloodand I started having these strange dreams of me playing one. Over the months it grew into a longing and then one day I just decided to attain one. I find it is a very soft and angelic sounding instrument, but depending on the technique and scale it can become very haunting and dark. I would like to one day have the opportunity to experiment with this vision in metal. It works out great for my solo music though.”
TAOM: At the beginning of the year it was announced that you were the new live keyboardist and backing singer for extreme metal legends Cradle Of Filth. How did Lindsay Schoolcraft end up in Cradle Of Filth?

LS: “I got very lucky. Paul Allender found me through a mutual friend via Facebook. I sent in a cover letter and audition video, and it just stemmed from there!”
TAOM: Being selected as a live new member for one of the biggest extreme metal bands out there should be very exciting/scary at the same time. How was that first time you rehearsed with Cradle Of Filth?
LS: “We had a short rehearsal just before the show in Mexico City, and it was exciting and a bit nerve-wracking, but we made it happen. I was more so excited than scared. I found the love of being part of something so great had over thrown the nerves, fear, and anything else slightly negative I was feeling… Which is totally normal!”
TAOM: Now more than 6 months with the band and after touring South America and the European festival circuit, how do you feel about being on Cradle Of Filth?

LS: “It was and has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I am grateful and honored for it. It changed my life and I got to see so much of the world, meet so many amazing people, and form friendships that have changed me for the better.”
TAOM: What is the best and worst memory of this time that you have been with Cradle Of Filth?

LS: “Best memory? There are too many. Mainly certain shows and hanging out with the guys, especially the hilarious memories where I was laughing so hard I hurt. Worst memory I think was my keyboard falling off the stand in Guatemala OR my keys completely losing power during “Her Ghost In The Fog” in Argentina.”
TAOM: Now, you are part of the Eve’s Apple community. How did you become one of the apples? what does represents for you this community?

LS:I joined almost 2 years ago. I was one of the first 20 members I do believe. It’s an amazing sisterhood of fantastic woman in metal. We all support each other and are quite the community. I’m happy and so lucky they considered me to be part of it. We will all be singing together at Metal Female Voices Festival this October in Belgium!”

TAOM: You appeared at the Dame-Nation Fest this past August 15th in Chicago along VK Lynne, Grace Meridian, Mary Zimmer and Melissa Ferlaak performing an Eve’s Apple acoustic set. How was that experience?

LS: “It was a great gig and the set we played went really well. We all have very different voices and played various covers as a tribute to our favorite female fronted artists. Always great to see my sisters in a face to face setting as well.”
TAOM: You will be joining your apple sisters once again this October at the Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium, how excited are you about MFVF ? and what the fans assisting to the festival can expect from Lindsay Schoolcraft?

LS: “A very cool cover! And I will be in the crowd along with everyone else so I hope to meet some of the fans and see all of the people who attended last year.”
TAOM: With you joining Cradle Of Filth as a live member, and touring this part of the year, at this moment what is the state of your solo project Schoolcraft? And what is next for it?

LS: “Some small projects are in the works. I have new music on the way. I also have a song titled “Fading Star” featuring Dani Filth on vocals. I am really, REALLY excited about this release! It should be due in the next month or so. People just need to check on my Facebook page.
TAOM: It was announced that you are working on a song with Dani Filth, what can you tell us about it? and it would part of an upcoming Cradle Of Filth album? 

LS: “It is strictly for my solo project. And all I can say is it is BIG sounding and is the direction my solo work will be going in from my previously released EP.”
TAOM: What is next for Lindsay Schoolcraft?

TAOM: “What’s next? More travel and some sweet collaboration to be announced soon! Thanks for the interview!” 😀…

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