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Leaves’ Eyes – Symphonies Of The Night (2013)



A Symphonies Of The Night kicks off with beautiful, enchanting music and vocals. After a few seconds it kicks off into a heavier sound which seems to draw more influence than previous albums. I have once album by Leaves Eyes that I went to sleep to every night….Symphonies of the Night is not that album. The first song changes back and forth between heavier vocals and music and the Leaves Eyes we know, now toss in what sounds a bit like an Epica influence and you have the first track Hell to the Heavens.

Fading Earth kicks off more rockish however keeping her classic Liv Kristine style vocals. This is song is catchy. I can definitely see it popping into my head throughout the day or sticking with me after listening on a car ride. Is it going to be the next radio hit? No. Is it going to something that adds a little to their shows and gets stuck in fans heads? Absolutely. Which is I believe was more of the goal.

Maid of Lorraine reminds me of old school Leaves Eyes. I could easily fit this on to any of their albums and have it not stand out very much. It is a touch faster (fast for Leaves Eyes). I do enjoy the double vocals (starting 2:38) with Liv and Alexander they flow really well together and when they separate the change is followed by bright, beautiful vocals by Liv.

Galswintha starts off sounding like a folk song; it really makes me think of sitting around a bonfire, possibly camping somewhere. Just the feeling I get on the opening music. Moving forward into the song the music gets faster, a little more complex then back to a folky tune, we’re telling a story here type of song. It keeps the energy even it without it being a pounding rock song. Alexander’s vocals enter, I really again, loved them singing together. They fit really well, keeping good pace with each other and neither out shines the other. It’s a great balance. This song is just fun to listen to. Galswintha is probably my favorite song on the album.

Symphony of the night, I love and this will be stuck in my head Are We Living To Die is the catchiest thing on the album. I look forward to hearing this live. I once saw Leaves Eyes perform, and they didn’t have a huge amount of energy in their music at the time it wasn’t the most exciting. I feel this new album is really going to make a difference with their live shows energy and feel. I cannot wait to experience it.

Saint Cecelia is much more dramatic sounding and really showcases Liv Kristine’s operatic vocals. The music isn’t complex. I can easily imagine Liv standing on a beautiful stage in the middle of an Opera showcasing her gorgeous voice.

Angel and the Ghost is excellent with pronunciation and clarity. It is a great song. Not really catchy lyrically but really interesting as well as again as I over use the word for Leaves Eyes…Beautiful.

Honestly my first reaction to listening to Symphonies of the Night was that it reminded me of Dark Passion Play by Nightwish with some Epica influences and staying true to what we know, love and expect of Leaves Eyes. I feel that this album really showcase more energy and creativity than I have seen in past releases. A change for the next release I would love to see is a little more enunciation or clarity in the vocals, it is at times a bit hard to make out exactly what Liv is saying. I am not an expert in production however I think it may due to an effect that creates this issue. I do recommend this album. I see it on my playlist rotation.



01. Hell To The Heavens
02. Fading Earth
03. Maid Of Lorraine
04. Galswintha
05. Symphony Of The Night
06. Saint Cecelia
07. Hymn To The Lone Sands
08. Angel And The Ghost
09. Éléonore De Provence
10. Nightshade
11. Ophelia
12. Eileen’s Ardency (bonus track)*
13. One Caress (bonus track)**

Genre: Symphonic Folk Metal

Record Label: Napalm Records

Playing Time: 54 minutes

Line up:

Liv Kristine – vocals
Alexander Krull – vocals
Thorsten Bauer – guitars
Sander van der Meer – guitars
Felix Born – drums


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