May 01

Leaves Eyes – Meredead (2011)


Achieve epicness and beauty in an album is not easy these days, but Leaves Eyes have done it. Meredead can be considered the most epic album that the band had put out so far, opening with Spirit’s Masquerade a song which sound and structure transports you to a fantasy land, followed by Etain a track that count with the guess vocals by Maite Itoiz (Elfenthal) and could be described it as a walk for the norwegian forests in a winter afternoon. Continuing with Velvet Heart a song with the power of put you in a 17th century ballroom, followed by Krakevisa which is a traditional Norwegian folk song that Liv Kristine sings at duo with Anette Gulbrandsen (Nattsol), the next track is To France a song with a very English touch that tap on that old medieval rivalry  between English and French a very epic track indeed.

The album title track Meredead is an awesome folk song that have the heaviness and beauty that just Liv Kristine and Maite Itoiz of (Elfenthal) gave to it, followed by Sigrlinn a very powerful track that besides of being the only track in the album that feature Alex guttural voice it also feature a special collaboration by Liv Kristine’s younger sister Carmen Elise Espanaes (Midnattsol) the whole track is a trip to a place of fantasy and beauty.

Continue with Mine Taror Er Ei Grimme is a great vocal song that shows why Liv Kristine is without doubt one of the best female vocalists out there, the next track is Empty Horizon an awesome ballad that reminiscence Leaves Eyes first album Lovelorn, closing the album is Tell-Tale Eyes an epic folky anthem that features John Kelly (Elfenthal) and that reclaims blood and the punishments of enemies, a statement that fits what Leaves Eyes proposed on this album. Overall Meredead is a huge step on Leaves Eyes career that shows the grow and maturity of a band that have made a name in the international metal scene by themselves, and in a sense is a return to the roots of the band and to that epic folk sound of their first albums.


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