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Last Chance to Reason – Level 3


Last Chance to Reason

With this wave of progressive metal taking over, how do we tell every band a part? Well, first we separate the ones that are awesome from the ones that suck, and then we divide the ones that are awesome by their individual talents and distinctive qualities. Last Chance to Reason captivates their listeners by their melodious tone embedded in the mind-blowing progressive composition. Their newest release, Level 3, is comprised of authentic talent and individualism. The melodic style of their songwriting and the clean vocals provide an atmospheric illusion while listening. This is an album that was constructed gingerly and leisurely, and should be listened to that way.

The album starts off with the track, Rebirth. The opening guitar provides a catchy tone to the song. Shortly, Michael Lessard’s clash of clean and growl vocals come in and manipulate your perception of the music. This track also introduces you to the jazz-inspired guitar parts by AJ Harvey and Mike Abdow. Cosmos- The Pattern Forms has a very inviting reoccurring bass part and the rest of the song is one of the more energetic with heavier guitars. The Dictator is the heaviest song on the album. The rapidity of the musicianship and the symphonic keyboards makes you feel like you’re listening to a completely different band. I hear more of Lessard’s growls in this track than the others. The Artist starts off really slow with clean vocals and their mellifluous essence. The song then ascends into something more powerful and jaw-dropping; heavy bass and funk drums encompass this movement, and then guitars follow for something lucid yet intoxicating. Transcendence is the final song off of this track. It features the highlights of this album: the jazz soloing, the funk drums, and the atmospheric tune.

There are several likes and dislikes about this band. I think the progression between metal, jazz fusion and alternative is fascinating. A lot of the songs I feel run together. There is so much progression in each song individually I feel doesn’t give each a chance to stand out on their own. I find myself finding my favorite songs and going back to them, rather than listening to the album as a whole.

But with that little critique, I still recommend this album. The softer melodies will leave you in a trance, while the heavier parts will leave you stunned. Overall, I feel Last Chance to Reason thrive with this latest release. They’re currently on a headlining tour with phenomenal bassist Evan Brewer supporting. But that may be the last big news from Last Chance to Reason for awhile. Lessard agreed to be a full-time vocalist for progressive metal counterparts The Contortionist, and is only participating in Last Chance to Reason part-time. Well since I won’t see them with Evan Brewer in Florida, I hope they can come back soon.



1. Rebirth
2. Adrift I- A Vision Begins
3. Cosmos- The Pattern Forms
4. A Glimpse of Omniscience
5. Adrift II- A Vision Ends
6. The Escapist
7. The Dictator
8. The Artist
9. Awaiting
10. Transcendence

Genre: Progressive Metal

Label: Prosthetic Records

Playing Time: 37 Minutes and 17 Seconds


Chris Corey – Bass
Michael Lessard – Vocals
Evan Sammons – Drums
AJ Harvey- Guitar
Mike Abdow- Guitar



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