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Landmine Marathon and Toxic Holocaust at The Clubhouse. Tempe,AZ (02/27/12)


On Monday February 27th at the Clubhouse in Tempe Arizona, Landmine Marathon & Toxic Holocaust rolled into town opening up for non other than the very popular punk band  The Casualties.  It was a very interesting mixed of punk fans & thrash fans.

Local band from Phoenix Arizona Landmine Marathon just released their album Gallows.  The band featured a few songs off the new album during their set and put on a great show.  They were very energetic and got the pit started.  Singer Grace Perry is a killer front woman with crazy screams and intense energy, her giant blue eyes stared at the crowd with the look of death.  She never stood during the whole show, she kept things moving and kept the crowd engaged. It was the bands first night to play with their new drummer Raul Varela who recently had to learn all the songs and join the tour.  He gave an amazing performance and never missed a beat. Guitarists and bassist  Ryan Butler, Dylan Thomas, Matt Martinez killed it as well.

If you’ve ever been to the Clubhouse you know it’s this tiny little dark venue where stage diving is not allowed.  The whole pit area was filled when Toxic Holocaust took the stage.  Singer Joel Grind, Phil Gnaast and Nicholas T. Rage literally tore up the place.  I have never seen such an excited crowd who moshed so intense.  The mixture of a punk and thrash crowd equals the craziest pit the clubhouse has ever seen.  People were running up and stage diving.  Now this isn’t allowed at this venue but rules went out the window for this show.  The pit was huge, people were elbowed, kicked pushed everything you can think of.  The energy was absolutely wild.  Toxic Holocaust were  amazing live and their fans are just as nuts to see them.  Taking pictures of the band was a mission within itself.  Fighting off the pit trying to hold my ground and enjoy the show at the same time was a fun task.  Their set list was Wild Dogs, Nuke the Cross, Reaper’s Grave, I Am Disease, War Is Hell, 666, Agony of the Damned, Death Brings Death, We Bring Them Hell, The Lord of the Wasteland and Bitch.  There was no song the crowd went extra wild for because the whole time they played it was utter chaos.  Arizona is ready for the next time they come to town and can promise it will be even more insane.

Here are some of the images we capture that night

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