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Lamb of God- Resolution (2012)



Lead singer of Lamb of God, Randy Blithe sure finds himself busy these days with his proclamations of running for president in the 2012 campaign and the release of a new album, but somehow he manages to do it and blow everyone away while doing so.

Lamb of God fans, old and new will find something to enjoy in their lasted album release, Resolution. Their last release, 2009’s Wrath was good, but many felt that it wasn’t as great as it could have been. After the slight disappointment with Wrath, fans had wondered if Lamb of God had hit the wall and were ready to fade out, but Resolution completely destroys any notion that this band has reached any kind of limit. Resolution undoubtedly revamps their sound and shows that this band is far from fading out into oblivion. This band of brothers from Richmond, Virginia continues to show that they kick ass and are here to stay as one of the most success bands to come from the New Wave of American Metal scene.

Resolution’s first song on the album, “Straight For The Sun,” is like jumping into a pool, starting off with a heavy breath and then taking off into some of the heaviest riffs recorded since “Vigil.” Randy Blithe’s signature vocals dominate the album, but in particular with “Straight For The Sun,” his vocals are much grittier, perfectly complimenting the heavy riffs. Randy, showing that he is just as versatile as the band even sings on this album on “Insurrection.” Resolution is filled with Pantera-esuqe guitar solos and driving drums and songs like their single “Ghost Walking,” keep with the southern rock feel. It starts off with a solo guitar riff that breaks into some of their signature sound shortly after, but keeping that main idea going throughout the song. If you haven’t already heard “Ghost Walking” and already found out that it is very catchy, then it’s sure to be a song that sticks with you after the first listening. “Cheated” harkens to a punk/thrash sound which is sure to get people up and moshing and please some of those who have been with the band since their inception. The last track on the album “King Me” definitely illustrates how Lamb of God is pushing forward into uncharted territory for the band with an orchestrated back ground and spoken word lyrics interspersed between the bands typical vocals and riffs. Perhaps my favorite part of the album is the fact that “King Me” ends on the same breath that kicks the album off in “Straight For The Sun.”

Overall, Resolution is a great release from Lamb of God that really expands on an already well-crafted sound. Keeping with the idea shown in the cover art for the CD, Resolution holds with the theme of desolation, emptiness and destruction. Not surprising from the band that released “Hourglass” and whose lead singer has joked about becoming the next president and saving the country from its desolate state, the lyrics definitely have politically driven feel to them with songs like “Desolation,” “Guilty,” and “The Undertow.” This album has a great balance if the old sound that everyone has come to love about Lamb of God, but definitely shows that they are by no means down for the count and that they have much more territory to cover in the frontier of American heavy metal.

Resolution Track List:

  1. Straight For The Sun*
  2. Desolation
  3. Ghost Walking*
  4. Guilty
  5. The Undertow*
  6. The Number Six
  7. Barbarosa
  8. Invictus
  9. Cheated*
  10. Insurrection*
  11. Terminally Unique
  12. To The End
  13. Visitation
  14. King Me*

* Personal favorites (:

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