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Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline (2012)


As a band that once carried the flags of Gothic Metal during the early years along side with bands like Within Temptation, After Forever and NightwishLacuna Coil still a relevant band on the metal scene, personally I have not listen a whole album by them since Comalies (2000) I tried to listen their last two records, Karmacode (2006) and Shallow Life (2008) But I just could not get myself through those albums the band was on a different moment at that time.

With Dark Adrenaline I thought it would be the same thing, but the Italians proved me wrong. To begin the production on this record is great, and the sound is cleaner than their earlier work. Even though, that they still have that Linkin Park influence lurking around, Dark Adrenaline breaks away from their previous album. Tracks like Kill The Light, End Of Time, I Don’t Believe In Tomorrow & The Army Inside are good examples of a new chapter on Lacuna Coil‘s music. One interesting song in particular is the cover that the band did for this record of the song Losing My Religion original of R.E.M, the interesting thing about this song is how Cristina’s voice make the song softer and dark, still a bit more enjoyable than the original. The band indeed continues on the path of alternative rock, with some gothic elements here and there, but for sure this is a better effort than their predecessor.

One thing that I still don’t understand is the work of Andrea Ferro on main vocals sometimes eclipsing Cristina Scabbia’s amazing voice. If you listen carefully to songs like UpsideDown and My Spirit, Cristina’s vocals go to a simple background support where the music fits her true vocal potential better that Andrea’s voice. I believe that even though having Cristina as sole front woman would put Lacuna Coil back on the pack of female front woman movement, that is what best fits the band.

Dark Adrenaline is a step forward on the band’s career and a good effort that put them back on track to their good old dark sound that the band has been known for. They are not going back to their original roots but at least their sound is more mature now. Lacuna Coil will be on tour in North America this February as part of the Gigantour sharing the stage with bands like Megadeth, Motorhead and Volbeat.


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