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Lacuna Coil – Broken Crown Halo (2014)



Dark, dense, & full of sweet melodies. That is how I can describe the new Lacuna Coil album, Broken Crown Halo. This album follows the successful path that Dark Adrenaline created a couple of years back, and takes the band a step further on their dark melodic journey. 

The album continues expanding and fortifying the sound the band developed with Dark Adrenaline, same dark melodies, really punching riffs and a melancholic set of lyrics. Songs like: Nothing Stands Our Way, Victims, I Forgive (But I Don’t Forget), and Die & Rise are the best example of that legacy. While Broken Crown Halo is not a continuation, but rather a step forward in the direction the band took with their last work. This album lacks of heaviness, but it compensates with a level of melodic darkness that the band had not reached before. So that is interesting.

Songs like Cybersleep, Hostage To The Light, and Infection are the perfect example of this sense of melodic darkness that the band has successfully developed since Dark Adrenaline. The songs on Black Crown Halo could be categorized as catchy, and friendly to either old coiliers, reborn coilers, new coilersand those that don’t know the band at all (future coilers).

One of the first things I notice on this album is the increasing number of electronic sounds that the band used, that reminds me of the gothic/electronic bands in Europe, that used similar sounds in the 90’s, and that were acknowledge by bands like Crematory, Gothminister or Paradise Lost in the early stages of the gothic metal genre. You can have a taste of those influences on songs like I Burn In You, In The End I Feel Alive, and One Cold Day.

Broken Crown Halo is an album full of dense melodic riffs, darker lyrics, and beautiful electronic compositions that take Lacuna Coil to a new level of beauty and darkness. I would also add, that this album could pretty much be the most melancholic piece of dark metal since Theater Of Tragedy‘s Velvet Darkness They Fear. Definitely a must have if you are into dense and powerful music.



Nothing Stands In Our Way
Hostage To The Light
Die & Rise
I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name)
I Burn In You
In The End I Feel Alive
On Cold Day

Genre: Gothic Metal

Record Label: Century Media

Playing time: 47 minutes

Line up:

Cristina Scabbia — lead vocals 
Marco Coti Zelati — bass, keyboards 
Andrea Ferro — lead vocals 
Marco “Maus” Biazzi — guitars 


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