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Kreator – Gods of Violence (2017)


So our favorite German thrash heroes are at it again. After fourteen albums you’d suspect that maybe Kreator might be risking reaching their “shelf life” and going stale like a few others who need not be named, but this album puts that fear to rest.

Hearing the fast, hammering riffage you’ve probably come to expect alongside Petrozza’s unique vocals is enough to make anyone eager for more. They’ve included a lot of melodic bits too that give this album the raw atmosphere of war. Even though Phantom Antichrist (2012) had to be tough to follow, to me they exceeded all expectations with this record.

This monster brings us in with the intro track Apocalypticon which sets the stage for absolute bloodshed and frankly gets me pumped. A war-like, marching beat alongside an epic melody make for a strong start. Not wasting any time, we’re launched into World War Now which is cut and dry, the Kreator we all know and love. The band

The band blasts into the song at a furious pace forcing us to only try and keep up, and then we hear the narration by that intense war cry and we’re led into a pretty damn catchy chorus. Satan Is Real starts off sounding almost a little updated as far as the guitars go. The riff opening up sounds more modern to me, but it’s a good sound. When the vocals come in you can just feel it, the lyrics are powerful.

I won’t lie, at first I thought the chorus was a little corny. But hearing it for the second time made it grow on me. It’ll be stuck in your head later, trust me. Totalitarian Terror just rips and tears, period. I particularly enjoy the solo in this song. Gods of Violence starts off with a somewhat soothing acoustic into and change of pace from where we’ve been before. It sounds a little familiar (Fade to Black, anyone?) but nonetheless dives into a hammering speed trap of madness. There are riffs thrown in here that sound medieval in nature and it’s fucking great.

They’ve really got it going on with the way they keep thinking of these melodies to throw over the straight up thrash rhythms. The record closes with Death Becomes My Light. It’s longer than the others at a little over seven minutes and starts with a moderately lengthy intro that’s alright, not really much of a build up or anything. Which is okay because we then get a sudden explosion of guitar greatness. We eventually slow back down and ease our way to the end of the record with somewhat of a ballad sound going on.

This record made me feel like I was storming the halls of Castlevania or riding my steed into battle and I don’t know about you, but that’s what I want to feel when I’m listening to music. The songs are well defined and each one is different in its own way. Except for one detail, they’re all catchy as hell.

The flow of these songs are ones you’ll really have the urge to sing along to. So you try but you can’t because you’re not Petrozza. I highly suggest giving a listen if you’re on the fence at all. I’m telling you, Kreator’s got the recipe all figured out. Nothing but the perfect balance of brutality, thrash, and epic melody.

Decibel Magazine Tour 2017

3/17/2016  Underground – Charlotte, NC
3/18/2016 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA     
3/19/2016 The Orpheum – Tampa, FL     
3/20/2016 House of Blues – New Orleans, LA              
3/21/2016  House of Blues – Houston, TX
3/22/2016  House of Blues – Dallas, TX    
3/24/2016  Club Red – Phoenix, AZ   
3/25/2016 Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
3/26/2016The Fillmore   – San Francisco, CA
3/27/2016 Hawthorne Theatre   – Portland, OR   
3/28/2016 Neptune – Seattle, WA    
3/29/2016 Rickshaw – Vancouver, BC      
3/31/2016 MacEwan Ballroom    – Calgary, AB      
4/01/2016 Union Hall – Edmonton, AB    
4/04/2016 Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO  
4/06/2016 Cabooze – Minneapolis, MN
4/07/2016 House of Blues – Chicago, IL  
4/08/2016 The Vogue – Indianapolis, IN 
4/09/2016 House Of Blues – Cleveland, OH  
4/11/2016 Opera House – Toronto, ON  
4/12/2016 Club Soda -Montreal, QC
4/13/2016 Paradise Rock Club     Boston, MA       
4/14/2016  Irving Plaza – New York, NY
4/15/2016  TLA – Philadelphia, PA


01. Apocalypticon
02. World War Now
03. Satan Is Real
04. Totalitarian Terror
05. Gods Of Violence
06. Army Of Storms
07. Hail To The Hordes
08. Lion With Eagle Wings
09. Fallen Brother
10. Side By Side
11. Death Becomes My Light

Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Album Length: 52 minutes 

Line up: 

Mille Petrozza – Vocals / Guitar
Sami Yli-Sirniö – Guitar
Christian Giesler – Bass
Ventor – Drums


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