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Korpiklaani – Noita (2015)


Korpiklaani - Noita

I will say openly to begin with that this girl has a pretty big bias for folk music, so it will be rather hard for me not to enjoy the new Korpiklaani release. Either way, Nuclear Blast and Korpiklaani have come together again after a three-year wait to release the band’s ninth and one of their best albums to date- Noita.

 Folk Metal is an interesting and dynamic sub genre, and the pillar bands within it all stand apart from each other because they take their musical inspiration from different historical and mythological places.  Korpiklaani  was best described by frontman- Jonne Järvelä– as “old people music with heavy metal guitars.”   Unlike some bands who were metal to start and add folk elements later on, Korpiklaani started as the Samic folk act- Shaman- but in 2003 the traditional yoiking and synthesizers were replaced with grungy/thrash vocals and traditional folk instruments.

As always, Korpiklaani, has put together a fun album that includes their normal set of themes- drinking, partying, and the gods.  What better way to open up an album than with a track that reminisces some of the band’s road life antics; which of course is a fist pumping track rich with simple violin and accordion melodies and the timely Her Her.  Viinamnen Mies gets your energy up and continues into Pilli On Pajusta Tehty.  While the third track – Lempo– slows everything down for a bit.

A song about beer…. of course! Sahti – a Finnish homemade brew that has a significant presence in mythology is also one of the catchiest songs on the album.  Hands down though, it features the best accordion and violin solo on the whole record. Jouni Jouni is another stand out track, which just has single written all over it, but the song that follows it has to be one of my favorite Korpiklaani tracks to date.  Kyinstn Kevninen Kehto is awesome!!!  Ok enough fan-girling, but seriously though.  The track has probably the most diverse textures and is overall an upbeat track with a hypnotic breakdown in the middle. The violin and accordion melodies layer in an enchanting way that leads to one of Jonne‘s best vocal passages.  The whole passage is catchy and melodic all while building up tempo and energy back to it original pace.  I will openly admit, it has been on repeat for long stretches

In fear of sounding repetitive, the tracks follow similar patterns with strong melody introductions and a very standard verse/chorus song structure. Needless to say, the album has some killer solos scattered throughout that complete the album. Even though Korpiklaani takes a simple and straight forward approach to their song writing the album still accomplishes exactly what it was meant to do- be a good time. This is not some avant-garde folk progressive metal fusion experience- it is an album that will get you moving, the beer flowing, and hopefully causing a little trouble as well.

4 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★☆



  1. Viinamäen mies
  2. Pilli on pajusta tehty
  3. Lempo
  4. Sahti
  5. Luontoni
  6. Minä näin vedessä neidon
  7. Jouni Jouni
  8. Kylästä keväinen kehto
  9. Ämmänhauta
  10. Sen verran minäkin noita
  11. Antaja

Playtime: 50:36

Genre: Folk Metal

Record Label: Nuclear Blast

Line up: 

Jonne Järvelä- Vocals, Guitars, Hurdy Gurdy, Percussion
Matson- Drums
Cane- Guitars
Jarkko Aaltonen- Bass
Tuomas Rounakari- Violin
Sami Perttula- Accordion


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