Nov 16

Konrad & Matt of Diamond Plate checked in with The Age Of Metal



Thrash metal is one of the most popular and evolving genres in the metal spectrum. From its rebellious and extreme beginnings back in the 80’s to its consolidation in the 90’s, and its revival era during the 2000’s. As new bands come up with their own brew, either keeping it with the classics, or just making their own version of it, which is the case of Diamond Plate a trio from Chicago,IL that during the last 10 years (yes, since they were in middle school) had forged their own version of it.

Diamond Plate recently finished a US run with Death Angel, 3 Inches Of Blood, Battlecross & Revocation. They visited Tempe, AZ last Sunday November 9th at Club Red, their show was energetic and eclectic from beginning to end, and the crowd received their quite well for the many comments we heard after their show. Their music is not the typical thrash metal, is heavier and faster, but without going into death metal. I believe that Diamond Plate‘s music is exactly over that fine line between thrash metal and death metal, they had the right balance between heaviness and speed that makes their sound so unique and appealing.

They released their new album Pulse last August, and they have toured with the likes of Overkill in Europe and now with Death Angel in the US. So not only they have a new repertory, but they also have been exposed to tour with well-known bands and experience demanding the thrash metal fans that liked their music and are surprised by their musical talents.

The Age Of Metal had the pleasure to chat with Konrad (guitar) & Matt (bass/vocals) during their stop here in Tempe, AZ. We talked about the tour, their new album, their style, their thoughts in the thrash metal movement and much more.


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