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Kataklysm – Of Ghosts and Gods (2015)


Kataklysm - Of Ghosts And Gods - Artwork

If there’s one thing I can say about Kataklysm in 2015, it’s that they will prevail. Of Ghosts and Gods is by far the most impressive material I’ve heard from Kataklysm as if recently. This album contains ample amounts of ruination right next to adept composition. This is essential to listen to in 2015.

The album starts off strong with Breaching the Asylum. It opens with a soundclip from the show Exodus, right into the first riff. Kataklysm’s heavy but melodic sound rings in clear right from the beginning; each riff and drum fill is potent in power but catchy enough to keep the listener engaged. The insanity of the musicianship is prevalent, but the composers of Kataklysm are skilled enough to where they focus more on the heart of the song rather than the technicality – this formula is enough to make any listener become addicted.

Marching Through Graveyards is the typical track that will give you goosebumps. Its eminence comes in through forceful composition that evokes awe in the listener. The overall aura of the track is much darker than the rest of the album; rather than importance being placed on the melody, this track introduces the more haunting side of Kataklysm through complex drumming over obscure riffing. According to fans, this has been a favorite of the songs they have thus far released. I can imagine it sounds sick live!

Thy Serpents Tongue is an intoxicating medley that will swim through your bloodstreams, filling your whole body with relentless rage. Yet, this heavy beast is one that any listener becomes enthralled with due to its sublime nature. Along with its direct brutality, enough melody is annexed in to where the song is exalted.

Vindication is by far my favorite song off of the album. The powerful melody that occurs throughout the song is addictive; definitely a track worthy of consistent headbanging. The power is elevated by random intervals of crushing drums and riffs outside of the constant melody. The consistency – and the zenith of the more intense parts – is what makes this track stand out to me.

Soul Destroyer is a fun but brutal song. Another favorite amongst fans, its apprehension is unquestionable with the opening riff and slamming drums. But the core of the song is the dominant riff that occurs throughout the track – you’ll know it when you hear it. It’s no wonder why they chose this song as a single.

Shattered is by far one of the most alluring tracks on the album. Though the song starts off slow, it continually gets more aggressive with an impressive drum fill and punching riffs. The rest of the song is spellbinding, as the sharp melodies keep you entrapped until the song’s end.

The album ends with The World is a Dying Insect. This song is gloomier than the rest of the songs. The impact of this song is unreal; the unique effects give the coined sound a completely different environment than the rest of the album. At times, it feels like you’re listening to a different band. Yet, the piercing guitars remind you that it’s still Kataklysm. Even though it’s different, the correspondence of this song and the rest of the songs on the album fit very well. Overall, this is a great song to finish such a successful album.

Kataklysm is the most vigorous force in 2015. Of Ghosts and Gods will cling to your brain, and you can’t help but adhere to its ruthless energy. Overall, this frenzy will get the attention of all metal fans. If you don’t listen to Of Ghosts and Gods, then you’re pretty much crazy.


Breaching the Asylum
The Black Sheep
Marching Through Graveyards
Thy Serpents Tongue
Soul Destroyer
Carrying Crosses
Hate Spirit
The World is a Dying Insect

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Playing Time: 46 Minutes


Maurizio Iacono – Vocals
Jean-Francois Dagenais – Guitars
Stephane Barbe – Bass
Oli Beaudoin – Drums



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