Apr 17

Kampfar – Mare (2011)



With a rooted sound on old school black metal Kampfar returns with Mare their new album, produced by Peter Tagtgren (Hypocrisy/Pain) who had produced for bands like Dimmu Borgir , Amon Amarth & Children Of Bodom. The album features a darker sound than its predecessors, a strong guitar work that gives the record a heaviness never seen before in Kampfar’s style, the keyboard parts are a real trip to the early 90’s metal sound, full of atmospheric melodies that provide the record with a Norwegian aura of pure black metal awesomeness, also all the lyrics are in Norwegian which gave a brutal personality to the album.

Without going away from their unique sound, with Mare Kampfar gave a step forward in their career to a new darker chapter that I personally hope it continues that way, this album is a true musical experience and a real trip to the roots of black metal without forgetting the pagan essence for which Kampfar is already known in the international scene.

Power Tracks: Mare, Illdstemmer, Bergtatt, Trolldomspakt, Nattgang

Slow Tracks: Volvevers, Blitzwitch, Altergang


1. Mare
2. Ildstemmer
3. Huldreland
4. Bergtatt
5. Trolldomspakt
6. Volvevers
7. Blitzwitch
8. Nattgang
9. Altergang



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