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Kaledon – Altor: The King’s Blacksmith (2013)


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There has to be something in the Italian waters!  Long time Italian Symphonic Power Metal masters Kaledon return with another slice of Symphonic Power Metal goodness called, “Altor: The Kings Blacksmith”. Though not necessarily a direct continuation of the previous 6 releases, this could conceivably be a follow on to the Kaledon story/concept. It is the story of a character called Altor, who becomes the blacksmith for King Antillius in the kingdom of Kaledon.

But first, let’s cover a little history of the band. Initially formed in Rome in 1998 by guitarist Alex Mele,  the band would see various changes in the lineup and the style of music that they played.  Signed to Italian record label Steelborn Records in 2001, the band would immediately start recording and eventually release in 2002, the first in a series of 6 albums based on the concept of “Legend Of The Forgotten Reign”. Over the next 8 years they would write, record, and release 5 additional chapters based on this concept. Throughout this time, the band would see a steady lineup for recording and touring. Sadly, in late 2007 the band would see singer Claudio Conti leave band due to disagreements with other members of the band.  After only one month of auditions, current singer Marco Palazzi is brought in as the new singer. Fast forward to 2013 and we see the release of this new CD.

Ok, to be upfront, I must profess my love for Kaledon, and Symphonic Power Metal. Some may find the whole Symphonic Power Metal genre nothing more than unadulterated cheesiness. And for those folks, they are correct, in that musically, and stylistically, things are over the top.  But to me, that’s what has drawn me into the genre. If it includes symphonic orchestral arrangements, massive choruses, timing changes, up tempo songs, and stories of myth, legend, lore, bearded men, dragons, and swords. Oh hell yes!

Fans of bands like Blind Guardian, Rhapsody, Rhapsody of Fire, and the like will find some great music and a great story on this cd. Speaking of Rhapsody/Rhapsody of fire, none other than one and only Fabio Lione, makes a guest appearance on the song A Dark Prison. Starting with the minute long orchestra , female plaintive singing piece “Innocence”, it jumps right into the guitar and orchestra laden song “Childhood”, heralding the birth and early life of Altor. After getting through the next song “Between The Hammer and The Anvil”, we get to my personal favorite song “My Personal Hero”. Next is the ballad “Lilibeth”, which tells the story of Altor’s love and loss of his dear Lilibeth to an epidemic disease.The rest of the cd continues the story of Altor leaving home and moving to the kingdom of Kaledon to become the kings blacksmith.

Overall, I find this a satisfying cd that anyone who happens to enjoy the genre should buy.



  1. Innocence
  2. Childhood
  3. Between The Hammer And The Anvil
  4. My Personal Hero
  5. Lilibeth
  6. A New Beginning
  7. Kephren
  8. Screams In The Wind
  9. A Dark Prison

Genre: Symphonic Power Metal

Record Label: Scarlett Records

Playing Time: 42 minutes


Marco Palazzi – Singer
Alex Mele – Lead Guitar
Tommy Nemesio – Rhythm Guitar
Daniele Fulgini – Keyboards
Paolo Lezziroli – Bass
David Folchitto – Drums


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