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Kait & Dana of Ladies Of Metal discussed Mayhem Fest, Metal, and Modeling


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I came across with Ladies Of Metal a few years ago, and I been following their website ever since. It’s interesting to see how this community of spoke-models have supported a well number of metal bands and tours by either modeling their merch, hosting events, working their merch tables, being part of music videos, or just promotional shoots in general. Most recently they have been more visible on national events, like this year’s Mayhem Festival.

There is not doubt that in the last two decades the participation of a female audience in heavy metal has been in the rise. Not only as mere spectators, but in other fields from band members, managers, booking agents, tour managers, roadies, publicists, and of course band models. The Ladies Of Metal community has become the metal response to what Suicide Girls is for the pin-up/alternative community. Ladies Of Metal have become more visible not only for their beautiful models, but as a way to attract more the female crowd into the metal community who sees them as an example of just one of the places where women can show their talents, represent the modern/alternative lifestyle, and support the metal scene even more.

At Mayhem Festival 2015 was the first time that Ladies Of Metal had a tent among the band’s merch tents, and some of the festival’s sponsors. it was interesting to see how the crowd reacted towards their presence, not only by asking for pictures with some of the models, but by buying their merch, and how their tent was frequently visited by metal girls looking for appeal, or just curious know more about the Ladies Of Metal community in general.

During the Mayhem Festival date in Phoenix, AZ we spoke with Kait Miller (one of the founders of the community) and Dana Darling (spoke-model) of Ladies Of Metal about the idea behind the community, the reception of the crowd at Mayhem Festival, their process to recruit models, and what is next for them after Mayhem Festival.



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