Jun 14

KADAVAR: Release Third Video For Berlin “Visual Album Concept”!


KADAVAR have released the third video for the Berlin visual album concept. Watch ‘Lord Of The Sky’ on the Noisey YouTube channel!

Together with long-time friend and collaborator Nathini van der Meer (http://nathinivandermeer.com), who has created artwork and videos for them in the past, they are working on their first “Visual Album”- 12 short films accompanying each of the albums’ songs, to be released once a month throughout the entirety of the year.

Comments the band: “The song is about freedom, about watching your city and your life from a certain distance – from the bird’s-eye view. Just like we see our city from that perspective when we’re on tour. Problems and tasks just seem to vanish the more you recede from ground. At the same time you need to push your wings against the wind to gain altitude and not get off course. The hopes, memories and expectations with which you leave your city you will always keep.”

“The video is also about things that simply don’t change,” adds Nathini. That’s why we chose to use this old man who’s just doing his thing for like forever. He goes to work every day, does his job and probably doesn’t realize that his surroundings are changing and becoming crazier and crazier. He lives in the bird’s-eye perspective and keeps a certain distance to things.”

Watch the first two videos for the Berlin visual album concept below:
First videoPale Blue Eyes”
Second video: Filthy Illusion”

KADAVAR recently teamed up with Scion A/V Metal and Skybound Entertainment (THE WALKING DEADOUTCAST) to release “Words Of Evil”, a brand new, unreleased song.

Commented KADAVAR singer Lupus: “Originally we had written the song for our album Berlin, but thought it would stick out too much and decided not to put it on the album. Nevertheless, I think it is one of the best songs we’ve ever written. At least it is one of my faves. A lot of NWOHBM and straight to your face!”

‘Words of Evil’ is available now as a free download via Nerdist  (http://nerdist.com/kadavar-channels-sabbath-in-skybound-single-words-of-evil-premiere/).

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