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Julz Ramos of Bay area thrashers Hatchet talks to The Age Of Metal


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Coming out of the San Francisco Bay area metal scene, Hatchet pick up, and run like a banshee with the thrash torch.  Formed in 2006 and hitting the bay area scene in 2007, Hatchet has played an endless number of local gigs. They would gig together with other local thrash bands, to help build up the scene during this time. Eventually, they would bring LA based thrash bands up to play out and further strengthen the scene, and continue building up their fan base.

In 2006 they self released their first demo titled “Frailty Of The Flesh”, followed in 2007 by “Frailty Demo”, and their EP “Hatchet”. In 2008 their official debut album “Awaiting Evil” was released on Metal Blade Records. It garnered good reviews, and was well received by the thrash community.  After it’s release, they embarked on 3 self financed full tours of the U.S., to continue getting exposure and their name out there. Sadly, it was during, and after the grind of touring that the band basically imploded. They went through various lineup changes. But in the end Julz Ramos became the sole remaining member.

Julz kept the fire burning. He never gave up on the band. Eventually he would solidify the lineup with the addition of Clark Webb (Lead Gtr.), Travis Russey(Bass Gtr.), and Eli Lucas (Drums). Now provided with 3 members that had the same drive, direction, and passion, Hatchet was more than ready to step up and prove themselves to all comers. Recording their second full release “Dawn Of The End” on a shoestring budget and with the help of friends in 2012, they would get picked up, and signed by The End Records.  Now they have the backing and support of a great label that will help them continue, as they work to cement their name among the ranks of bands in the thrash world. Thrash isn’t dead, and they’re out to prove it! \m/ \m/

On March 16th, at BackstageLive in San Antonio, Texas, I sat down with Julz Ramos to discuss various subjects. At this time, they’re currently on tour with Soilwork, Jeff Loomis, Blackguard(Filling in for Bonded By Blood who had to drop off the tour), and his band Hatchet. To give a brief review of the show, they were the second band to hit the stage. Following local San Antonio act Immortal Guardian. Given this was a Tuesday night show, it wasn’t a large crowd. But it was a rowdy crowd, who were banging their heads, and throwing horns, as Hatchet tore it up with a shortened 5 song set, due to sound issues. The setlist of songs they played follows…

  1. Silenced By Death
  2. Fall From Grace
  3. Dawn Of The End
  4. Signals Of Infection
  5. Vanishing Point

These guys play with a tremendous amount of energy, and are all over the stage. I really hope these guys can continue to hook up with national tours, so they get much deserved exposure and attention. Overall, they put on a great show. And now on to the interview! Follow the links below.

Hatchet band photo

The Age Of Metal Interviews Julz Ramos, of Hatchet by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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