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Judas Priest – Epitaph DVD (2013)



Judas Priest is a heavy metal institution, and one of the bands that had defined the metal genre during the last 30 years, for many their name is the meaning of heavy metal itself. The band recorded the last show of their Epitaph World Tour 2011/2012 at the famous London’s Hammersmith Apollo on May 26th of 2012 for a DVD release on May 2013.

Where to start to describe what this DVD is? Well the best answer will be uninhibited, straightforward heavy metal of the highest quality. The DVD is composed of 22 songs out the band’s 16th studio albums, that means that they played at least one song of each album, ‘which it was a difficult task‘ as mentioned by vocalist Rob Halford during a break between songs. This multi-camera DVD captures the full experience of a Judas Priest show, the lights, the lasers, the fire, the chains, the leather, the motorcycle entrance, and of course the heavy metal greatness of the band.

You can expect music from classic albums like 1974 Rocka Rolla (Never Satisfied) 1976 Sad Wings of Destiny (Victim of Changes) 1977 Sin After Sin (Starbreaker), Joan Baez cover of  (Diamonds & Rust) which is a great cover done Priest’s style. Iconic albums like Killing Machine (Hell Bent for Leather), (The Green Manalishi), British Steel (Rapid Fire), (Metal Gods), (Breaking the Law), (Living After Midnight), and Screaming for Vengeance (The Hellion), (Electric Eye), (You’ve Got Another Thing Comin) The DVD also has modern Judas Priest tunes from albums, such as Angel of Retribution (Judas Rising) and Nostradamus (Prophecy).

About the technical aspects of the live DVD I was surprised with the number of camera angles used in the mixing of the final product, you can have multiple fan view experiences and a photo pit experience. But one that called my attention the most was the camera view from above the drum set which let you have an experience of what exactly Scott Travis is doing, this was very clear during the drum solo right before the beginning of the song Painkiller. Another cool thing about this DVD is the visual effects that were used to bright up some key moments during a specific part whether it was a guitar solo by Glenn Tipton or Rickie Faulkner, or a vocal section of Rob Halford, on which you can see the artist literally glow in a sort of 70’s aura effect, I thought that was pretty cool for this DVD.

Epitaph is not only an intimated show that Judas Priest did at London’s Hammersmith. No, this is a testament of the life long musical career of one of the greatest metal bands in history, So if you want to experience Judas Priest playing a song or two of every album they ever recorded, plus some songs that they never played live before, like (Blood Red Skies) and (Never Satisfied), some of their early stuff, and of course those favorite songs that everybody likes to hear. Then indeed this DVD has to be part of any metalhead’s collection.



01. Battle Hymn (L)
02. Rapid Fire (F)
03. Metal Gods (F)
04. Heading Out To The Highway (G)
05. Judas Rising (M)
06. Starbreaker (C)
07. Victim Of Changes (B)
08. Never Satisfied (A)
09. Diamonds And Rust (C)
10. Prophecy (N)
11. Night Crawler (L)
12. Turbo Lover (J)
13. Beyond The Realms Of Death (D)
14. The Sentinel (I)
15. Blood Red Skies (K)
16. The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown) (E)
17. Breaking The Law (F)
18. Painkiller (L)
19. The Hellion (H)
20. Electric Eye (H)
21. Hell Bent For Leather (E)
22. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming (H)
23. Living After Midnight (F)

Album index:

A – from “Rocka Rolla (originally issued 1974, on Gull Records)
B – from “Sad Wings Of Destiny (originally issued 1976, on Gull Records)
C – from “Sin After Sin (originally issued 1977, on Columbia Records)
D – from “Stained Class (originally issued 1978, on Columbia)
E – from “Hell Bent For Leather (originally issued 1979, on Columbia; aka Killing Machine in UK)
F – from “British Steel (originally issued 1980, on Columbia)
G – from “Point Of Entry (originally issued 1981, on Columbia)
H – from “Screaming For Vengeance (originally issued 1982, on Columbia)
I – from “Defenders Of the Faith (originally issued 1984, on Columbia)
J – from “Turbo (originally issued 1986, on Columbia)
K – from “Ram It Down (originally issued 1988, on Columbia)
L – from “Painkiller (originally issued 1990, on Columbia)
M – from “Angel Of Retribution (originally issued 2005, on Epic Records)
N – from “Nostradamus (originally issued 2008, on Epic)

Genre: Heavy Metal

Record Label: Legacy Recordings

Playing Time: 140 minutes

Line up:

Ian Hill – bass
Rob Halford – vocals
Glenn Tipton – guitars
Scott Travis – drums
Richie Faulkner – guitars


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