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Josh Middleton of Sylosis discussed with us the new album Dormant Heart



Sylosis will release their 4th studio album titled Dormant Heart, the album itself reflects the musical progression of this British quartet. The album itself is more visceral and heavy than Monilith (2012) musically speaking, Dormant Heart shows a darker side of Sylosis, their style born of Thrash Metal & Tech Death keeps their musical identity intact, but their hunger for shaping that sound pushed them to create a heavier and more elaborated record.

Sylosis is not a young band that is looking to define a sound, they already had found that. What we see on Dormant Heart is a step forward on the evolution on the style that had defined them. With the many lineup changes they had experienced through their musical career, they had become less dependent on what the individuals within the band can bring to the table, they at this point are more focused on enhancing what is already up built on that table.

Songs like; Victims and Pawns, Overthrown, Where The Wolves Come To Die or Callous Souls are some of the heaviest tunes I have ever heard from them. You can tell how they tried to use Doom elements that make this album a dense record without transforming Sylosis’s core sound.

Recently we spoke with guitar player and founder member of Sylosis, Josh Middleton. We talked about the ideas behind Dormant Heart, the challenges on this record, the changes the band had gone through, and what are Sylosis‘s plans for 2015.

sy The Age Of Metal: Hey Josh, How are you?

Josh Middleton: Very good, how are you?

TAOM: Pretty good, Let’s begin talking about the new Sylosis album, Dormant Heart, what is the driven idea and inspiration behind this record?

JM: I guess, it just comes from gain a bit older and paying more attention to the outside world, what goes on society and politics and stuff. You kind of get jaded the more you look into that kind of thing, I wouldn’t say that we going political or anything like that, or I going to push my views in anyone else. But, I think a lot of people goes through life not really questioning anything, not really thinking for themselves, just kind of living their own little bubble, not really thinking about the actual consequences and stuff like that. I guess, I refer to people going through life on auto-pilot and kind of fearing change and stuff like that. That is kind of loosely what the lyrics are getting with.

TAOM: The album art is quite dark, what is the idea behind this cover art?

JM: it kind of ties it with what I just explained I guess. it’s a woman sacrificing a lamb, the sacrificial lamb is a very symbolic image, it’s not anything literal, but it kind of represents how she feels, and is this ominous figure in the background, so its kind of implied that she feels pressure to do this, and conform to something of tradition or just because that is how things are and not really thinking for herself, that is kind of an image trying to sum up the themes on the album.

TAOM: With two years between albums. What happened on Dormant Heart that didn’t happen on Monolith?

JM: We are still very happy with Monolith, and how it turned out. So,there is no point and doing the exact same album again, I guess this time we just wanted a bit more variation on the album on terms of types of songs and different tempos. The core still thrash metal, very fast and technical and everything, but yeah we just tried to expand and just bring some of the darker elements or some of them doomy kind of odd. On the whole, I don’t think it necessary means that we are gonna head any further on that direction.

TAOM: With every album, bands often come across with different challenges. What was for Sylosis the biggest challenge at the time to create Dormant Heart?

JM: I don’t know, I really can’t think of a challenge, I guess it was quite easy. We were always very prepare in terms of writing, we never stop writing, there was never a period of time where we feel like we have to get up and get an album written. Because we were so prepared, and we begin writing as soon as possible we always kind of have more than enough time to make sure the album was ready as can be, we always felt really confident each time we are getting better as we go on. So, I don’t think it was anything too challenging to be honest.

TAOM: The last drummer Sylosis had was Rob Callard, who was in the band for a long time, but recently left the band and was replaced by Ali Richardson who plays on Bleed From Within. Did that change of line up affected the upcoming of the record?

JM: Well, it didn’t affect the album in any way because we recorded the album at the start of the year, so Rob still plays on the album, and Rod didn’t left until a couple of months ago. So, we haven’t done anything since Ali has been in the band, we haven’t tour or record anything with Ali yet. He has filling for us on a tour that ROb couldn’t do. We know him for years and he is definitely one of the best drummers in the UK. So, we can’t wait to start playing live with him properly and see what he comes up with on the next album drumwise.

TAOM: This past summer you launched your own design merch and album art company. Shrine Studios, How has been the response to the company so far? And this will mean that Sylosis will self-produce their own merch, and album art, or we will see more collaborations on that aspect?

JM: To be honest, I don’t do the t-shirts and stuff anymore, I am mainly trying to do album art work for bands. But, its hard to get it working and keep it consistent, I don’t know if I will do any of the Sylosis stuff just because I like to keep it separate, and is quite hard you feel a lot of pressure when its your own band. I would probably taking to long if i have to do our own album covers and stuff like that.

TAOM: What is next after the release of Dormant Heart for Sylosis, Will we see Sylosis touring the US again, or what is the plan for next year?

JM: We don’t have anything set in stone, but we do intent to come back to the US, hopefully on the summer like June or July onwards. Other than that, I think we are doing an European tour and the UK to begin the year, and then some summer festivals, and then like I said hopefully back to America, but It’s quite early to say exactly, but that is definitely what we are want to try to do.

TAOM: Thank you Josh, for taking the time to speak with us. We wish you success with Dormant Heart, and definitely looking to see you guys tour the US again.

JM: Thank you for the interview, cheers.

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