Nov 02

Josh Middleton of Sylosis checks in with The Age of Metal


Hailing from Reading, Berkshire, UK Sylosis is a band that is gaining widespread attention in the metal scene. Their thrash metal sound infused with progressive and melodic death metal elements is done so well that although the members are still very young, they sound like seasoned musicians. Sylosis was formed in early 2000 while the members of the band where still in school. There have been some lineup changes since the inception of the band but this has not had any detrimental effect on the music that the band so solidly creates. In December of 2007 they signed to Nuclear Blast Records and have released three full length albums with them: Conclusion of an Age (2008), Edge of the Earth (2011), and Monolith (2012).

Sylosis has had the opportunity to play a multitude of shows in Europe but haven’t had that same opportunity here in the States. Their second ever US tour kicked off October 30, 2012 in Phoenix Arizona as the opening band for Hatebreed, In Flames, and Lamb of God. The Age of Metal had a chance to catch up with Josh Middleton (Vocals/Lead Guitar) about the release of their newest album, the various influences behind their sound, and Josh’s experience as taking over the reigns as the band’s new vocalist.

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