Feb 15

Josh Elmore of Cattle Decapitation discussed touring and NAMM 2016



In 2015 Cattle Decapitation took over the extreme metal world. With The Anthropocene Extinction on multiple “Best of 2015” lists (including mine) it seems the metal scene is masochistic in their music preferences. And this act seems to be equally destructive in 2016. They have already announced annihilating touring plans that will mean global domination for these guys. And me personally, I can’t help but agree they’re the most destructive force in metal. From the release of their brutal masterpiece The Anthropocene Extinction to seeing them twice last year, they truly were explosive. So it’s only obvious in 2016 they will create even more ruination. Any NAMM visitor this past year could see these guys walking around Anaheim Convention Center. This is the most annihilating band right now, so a monster such as winter NAMM is nothing for these guys.

With The Anthropocene Extinction, every quality we knew about this band is amplified. And with the impressive touring they already have planned for 2016, expect Cattle Decapitation to continue unfolding their brutality. One thing that anyone can learn from being at NAMM is how vital gear is for bands. This is especially important for a guitarist like Josh Elmore, who uses brands such as Satellite Amplification. This allows him to deliver their full termination, and any Cattle Decapitation fan can agree about how important that is. With all of these factors contributing to the extinction of the human race, it should be obvious this band will succeed in their morbid desires. But seriously, for a band that has based their legacy on the perpetual theme of the extinction of the human race they’re pretty cool guys.

The Age of Metal caught up with guitarist Josh Elmore at NAMM 2016. In the interview we discuss NAMM and what he can tell us about touring and other plans for 2016.



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