Jun 05

Josh Durocher-Jones from Howl Talks to The Age of Metal



So yeah, Howl put out a new record, Bloodlines, on Relapse. Now, in my review, I mentioned my views on the record, like what I perceived to be a shift in style from Full of Hell. So, like all quality enterprising bloggers, I decided to take my questions to the source.

Furthermore, I could have sworn they’d be touring by now. Howl toured a load during the release of Full of Hell. Luckily, Josh reassured me that the band will be on the road during July and August, so stay tuned for those dates to be revealed very, very soon. Even though I have mixed feelings on the album itself, I look forward to seeing it played live. It might change my view on it a bit, which has certainly happened in the past – if the point is to write an album that can be played live, which Josh and I talked about, then it should translate very well to the stage.

Anyway, the interview with Josh is below. Bloodlines is out now on Relapse Records.


Josh from Howl Talks to The Age of Metal by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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