Aug 02

Jonathan Carpenter of The Contortionist talked Intrinsic with The Age Of Metal


The Contortionist is a band that has been gaining recognition with their combination of Deathcore with Cynic-like progressive metal. On the 26th of July The Contortionist came to Martini Ranch in Scottsdale alongside Chimp Spanner, 7 Horns 7 Eyes, and Jeff Loomis. The Contortionist is touring as headliner to support their new well-received album Intrinsic. Being a headliner can sometimes be difficult and with great support bands like Jeff Loomis and Chimp Spanner it will be hard to follow that. However The Contortionist did hold their own and played a powerful set.

When they came to town we had a chance to speak with Jonathan Carpenter, vocalist and keyboardist for The Contortionist. We spoke of their headlining tour, an incident that happened on one of the tour dates, the meaning behind their name, their new album Intrinsic, and upcoming tours. Check out our video interview below.

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