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Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth talked about Live In Ancient Kourion with The Age Of Metal



Live albums are a tricky thing. For one thing the right venue choice has to be made then an excellent mix must be made or else the album will sound like a wall of noise. For Iced Earth newest live album Live in Ancient Kourion became a daunting task for the band. Kourion was situated in Cyprus and was at one point a city from antiquity to the early Middle Ages. In the present time however Kourion is in ruins for the most part. For Iced Earth to be putting on a show let alone one that is a site of ruins is definitely not most easy of challenges.

Iced Earth is not new to the live album game as they have released Live in Athens back in 1999 (Iced Earth seems to really like doing live albums in the Mediterranean). After 14 years they are back again with another one Live in Ancient Kourion. What makes this live album special is a testament of how long Iced Earth has been around and really main man and rhythm guitarist Jon Schaffer’s ability to never give up. With Live in Ancient Kourion we see Iced Earth in their strongest point in a long while. Instrumentally everyone on Iced Earth is on point and vocally Stu Block shows why Jon Schaffer chose him as the vocalist. Stu Block, while also being at one point the vocalist for Progressive metal band Into Eternity, has a fantastic range that was seen in their last studio album Dystopia released two years ago, but now in a live setting you really see his range. One of the draws for him is his ability to match pitch with the more baritone stylings of Matt Barlow and at the same time reach for the stratosphere like Tim “Ripper” Owens. The live album being close to two and a half hours and on two discs details much of the discography from Iced Earth. The stage itself for the show was set in the Theatre in Kourion. Being that how ancient the place was logistically speaking setting it for a metal concert should have been demanding for the crew. The crowd, while small, was there chanting and singing along to everything that Iced Earth was playing.

The whole show must have been a spectacle being of the setting of where the concert took place and of the hard work the band and crew put in to make the show a reality. Iced Earth fans should definitely get this to add to their collection!


We here at The Age of Metal also conducted an interview with main man Jon Schaffer. In the interview we talked about the live album and DVD, how and why the show took place in somewhere like Cyprus and especially in a ruined city, touring, and for new material to be released later in the year. Check out our interview below!


CD 1
1) Intro
2) Dystopia
3) Burning Times
4) Angel’s Holocaust
5) Slave To The Dark
6) V
7) When The Night Falls
8) I Died For You
9) Invasion
10) Motivation Of Man
11) Setian Massacre
12) Stormrider
13) Pure Evil
14) Wolf
15) Dark City
16) Dracula
17) Ten Thousand Strong

CD 2
1) Anthem
2) Declaration Day
3) Days Of Rage
4) Melancholy
5) Encore Intro
6) In Sacred Flames
7) Boiling Point
8) Damien
9) Watching Over Me
10) Dante’s Inferno
11) Iced Earth
12) The Hunter

Genre: Thrash/Power Metal

Label: Century Media

Playing Time: 138 Minutes


Interview with Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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